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Wall Split Air Conditioner (AC)
Buy from online wall split Air conditioner (AC) price in Bangladesh with discount price offer.Here are best and 100% authentic or original brand name Air conditioner (AC).
Definition:If you do not set your Air Conditioner indoor unit into wall, then come into wall type split Air conditioner (AC). You may set your Air conditioner (AC) into wall and outdoor unit set in outside of the wall, and then we can say that it is wall type split Air conditioner in Bangladesh with lowest price.
Capacity of Wall Split Air conditioner (AC): Capacity refers to Tonnage; if you want to buy an Air Conditioner (AC) then you have to first think about capacity. It is a most important mater for us. We have some capacity for wall split Air conditioner (AC), for instance: 1 Ton (12000-Btu), 1.5 Ton (18000-Btu), 2 Ton (24000-Btu), 2.5 Ton (30000-Btu), 3 Ton (36000-Btu). We think that wall type split Ac is a personal Air conditioner or room Air conditioner.
Brand Name of Wall Split Air conditioner (AC): Brand is the most important facts due to it are depending on products quality and price. You will see lower price and higher ranges products. We are stored all international brand name for our valued client consideration. Such As: Carrier Ac, Gree Ac, Sharp Ac, LG Ac, Mitsubishi Ac, Toshiba Ac, Samsung Ac, Panasonic Ac, Daikin Ac, Hair Ac, TCL Ac, Midea Ac, Chigo Ac and General Ac price in Bangladesh.
Use of Wall split Air conditioner (AC):  It is used in personal bed room or small room. Many people are used in commercial space. First of all, you have to think about capacity and required space. You need 120 square Feet = 1 Ton (12000-Btu). On the other hand, It may changes in different places where is gathering space, Like As: Mosjid, Seminar Room, Hall Room, Control Room, waiting Room, Top Floor, Class Room and other same use space. It is installing into wall (indoor unit) and outdoor unit is installed outside as other Air conditioning system.