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Worksheet on Subject Verb Agreement Grade 4

Subject-verb agreement is an essential part of English grammar that can sometimes be difficult for young learners to master. Still, with proper guidance and practice, this skill can become second nature to them.

To help grade 4 students improve their subject-verb agreement skills, teachers often supplement their lessons with worksheets. These worksheets can help students understand the concept better by providing them with various exercises that require them to identify the correct verb form based on the subject`s number. Here is what a worksheet on subject-verb agreement for grade 4 students might look like:

Exercise 1: Circle the correct verb

Instructions: Read each sentence and circle the correct verb that agrees with the subject.

1. The dogs (barks/bark) loudly at night.

2. The bird (flies/fly) high in the sky.

3. The girls (plays/play) hopscotch during recess.

4. The car (runs/run) on gasoline.

5. The boy and his sister (is/are) going to the park.

6. The books (is/are) on the shelf.

7. The teacher (gives/give) us homework every day.

8. The flowers (smells/smell) sweet.

Exercise 2: Complete the sentence

Instructions: Complete the sentences with the correct verb form.

1. The mouse (eat, eats) cheese.

2. The fish (swim, swims) in the river.

3. The baby (cry, cries) when she`s hungry.

4. My parents (love, loves) me very much.

5. The sky (look, looks) so beautiful today.

6. The caterpillar (change, changes) into a butterfly.

7. The little girl (laugh, laughs) at the funny clown.

8. The students (study, studies) hard for their exams.

Exercise 3: Identify the correct sentence

Instructions: Choose the sentence that has the correct subject-verb agreement.

1. a. The dogs chase the cats.

b. The dogs chases the cats.

2. a. The baby cries a lot.

b. The baby cry a lot.

3. a. My sister and I like to sing.

b. My sister and I likes to sing.

4. a. The teacher gives us homework.

b. The teacher give us homework.

5. a. The boys run fast.

b. The boys runs fast.

By using worksheets like these, teachers can help their grade 4 students improve their understanding of subject-verb agreement. These exercises can also be used as a tool for assessing the students` comprehension of the topic. With practice, students can gradually develop and improve their grammar skills, leading to more effective communication in both written and spoken forms.

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