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Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh I MSA30CRN

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Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh

Midea is a global brand Air conditioner and Home appliance producer in China.  Midea Corporation established in 1968 in China and they are global leader of the residential or commercial manufacturer in the world. We are explained here about the Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Price in Bangladesh. Midea AC is export worldwide near about 60 countries.

 When they produced a product for customer then they are care to product quality and cost. Midea Company is remembering that healthy and eco-system item for human life.As a result, they produce good item for personal and commercial purpose. Midea is a established brand in Bangladesh. We are the Authorized Dealer,Distributor,Supplier and importer of the Midea Air Conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh.

Most of new buyer wants to buy Midea AC from authentic sources because Midea AC is a superior quality product and has long a long-usage capacity. This is where you’ll find Midea Split AC, Window AC,Cassette AC, Ceiling AC, FloorStanding AC,Duct Split AC and VRF Air Conditioner (AC).

Midea AC is a cost effective and durable cooling machine in the Bangladesh. They have huge product line.i In same way, Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton is a superior cooling device for small or large use. It’s a single phase item and 4 wayes Airflow provider to small or large space. Midea 2.5 ton cassette AC is the environmental or Eco-system greater high cooling appliance. Each and every technological part is upheld by Midea R&D and QC lab. It’s a huge advantage for customer. Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC is gather by super cooling ability, power saving unit, larger outdoor fan, strong coresistent body, smart shape, Humidification function, High Air flow, topes grade filter types, original gas and Compressor.

Product Description:

 Cassette AC is a widespread cooling provider at large or small area. It is two units, indoor and outdoor unit. Indoor is a squire shape and hanged in ceiling of your room. Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC is 30000 BTU with efficient cooling.

Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC is energy ratings of A++ in cooling mode and A in comfort mode A+, along with its SEER ratings of 6.60 for cooling and 4.20 for SCOP,the Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC (Model) MCA-30CRN.

This Air Conditioner (AC) 360-degree air circulation function guarantees even dispersal of the accustomed air all the way through the space and Its powerful inline condensate pump further increases performance. The inside unit’s shutters may be individually adjusted by clients using the wireless remote, allowing them to personalize how comfy they feel. This cooling system operates smoothly even at -15 °C and offers a wide temperature range for versatile usage.

Midea Cassette AC which is the setup in ceiling and provide the best effective cooling solution of your space, For example: a range of retail establishments, including workplaces, shops, displays, pubs, eateries, hotels, school-colleges, and universities. Midea Cassette ACs have capacities ranging from 18000 BTU to 60000 BTU, which allows them to fulfill a wide range of requirements for cooling and heating.

Input Watt (34000), Rated Current Watt (15.80), Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), W/W (2.72), Power Consumption Watt (4900), Compressor Rotary, are all listed for the Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton. Refrigerant type R410 (eco Fridley service), high level indoor air flow (m3h 1700/1500/1400), low level noise inside (dB(A) 42 & outside 50). Many top-notch features for quick cooling and extended durability are available here. The Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton is endurance and low cost are its primary features.

Why did you choose to Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton in Bangladesh?

 Thanks to choosing the Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC in Bangladesh, it has a good reputation for using it.  Some factors gives the reputation to Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC. First, even in bigger settings, its exceptional cooling capability ensures maximum comfort and is well suited to Bangladesh’s temperature. Second, buyers are reassured regarding long-run durability and efficiency by Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC reputation for innovation and dependability instilling faith in its goods.

Furthermore, the structure of the air conditioner is designed to be environmentally friendly, which is in line with our dedication to sustainability and offers advantages to both the environment and the budget. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by the user-friendly features and cutting-edge technology, which makes it a favorite option for homeowners as well as businesses alike. In addition, Midea Cassette AC extensive after-sales support and service network guarantees an effortless procedure for our clients, therefore delivering peace of mind and upkeep that is free of hassles. When it comes to meeting our cooling requirements in Bangladesh, the Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton stands out as the right answer since it combines outstanding performance, dependability, and effectiveness.

So, we can ask you that are you find alternative to Midea AC? I strongly enforced to you that Midea is a best cooling performer and cost is very Low. Product quality and product service is outstanding. You will be satisfied to our product and service.

 Features of Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton price in Bangladesh.

Here is attached the unsurpassed product features of the Midea 2.5 Ton Cassette AC, which is influenced to best cooling machine in Bangladesh with some world class features.  It’s may used in personal or commercial space. Several benefits distinguish the Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton from other competitors in Bangladesh. Please take into mind the following.

Drain Pump Included:

The maximum height that the drainpipe may lift condensation water to is 750 mm.

Dynamic wind oversight:

Every of the four air outputs may be regulated independently, allowing for individualized comfort.

Ultra-Slim Style:

With its new, much slimmer design, the slim cassette takes up much less room when installed.

360 by CoolSurround:

aesthetically pleasant and even distribution of air across the room is achieved by the unit’s automatic horizontal swing and parallel swinging functions.

Enhanced Power Supply:

Superior fire resistance and easier maintenance.

Fresh Air:

A connecting conduit lets fresh outside airflow into the inside, boosting the total air quality for a healthier atmosphere.

Аutоmаtіс reѕtаrt:

If the cooling system abruptly stops functioning during an electrical interruption, it is going to continue once power returns and resumes running at the earlier mild preset.

8°С hеаtіng:

This steady temperature is maintained in heating mode (8°C), saving the home from freezing pipes and houseplants or from being excessively chilly in the winter. This design is particularly ideal for long-term stays away from the residence.

Frеѕh аіr іnlеt:

A second vent duct may be deployed to provide air, ensuring that the conditioned room gets a consistent flow of fresh, clean air.

360° Аіrflow:

The setting delivers an extraordinarily pleasant breeze, flowing around the room and providing a consistent spread of warmth.

Нumаn асtіvіtу ѕеnѕor (орtіоnаl):

The device senses the presence of people in the space and optimizes its electrical power appropriately to preserve ideal comfortable ratios.

Еmеrgеnсу ореrаtіоn:

When high temps appear, the highest-ranking cooling systems immediately shut down to protect from harm. In such instances, the indoor device communicates an error while the entire system changes to rescue mode to guarantee continuous functioning.

Вuіlt-іn соndеnѕаtе рumр:

The integrated vapour pump allows the condensation layer to climb to an ultimate height of 750 mm.

Аlаrm ѕуѕtеm роrt:

When identifying a fault in the air cooling system, a third-party alarm system is triggered, causing a programmed stoppage of its functioning.

Lоuvеr mеmоrу:

The temperature of the air cooling system was tracked when it went off and immediately adjusted whenever it turned again on.

Rеfrіgеrаnt lеаk dеtесtіоn :

Whenever a coolant leak is discovered, the air conditioners inner unit will emit the error code “EC”, halting functioning immediately. This device safeguards the air conditioner compressor from probable damage resulting from extreme temperatures produced by gas leaks.

Wicked Control (optional):

The cable controllers can be firmly mounted to the wall for an everlasting controlling method.

Internal Auditing (optional):

With an aggregate connecting length of 1200 meters, the multipurpose centralized management unit is capable of controlling 64 internal units.


The breezless impact eliminates the feeling of airflow from the air chilling system by ensuring a constant flow of air and protecting room inhabitants from direct sunlight.

The Following:

A thermistor built into the remote control detects the outside temperature of the air around it to enable the system to deliver the best possible temperature control.

Emреrаturе Investigation –

By addressing potential temperature differences between the regulated space and the inside fan’s height, this function ensures more accurate temperature management.

Low ImbĖеnt Lighting –

The external fan speed adjusts itself based on the condensing temperature thanks to a specifically designed PCB and an incorporated low ambient kit. This allows cooling to continue to work at -15°C.

Adaptable Remote Supervisor –

Customers may set up fundamental operations with easily navigable options on the remote controller, and remove superfluous ones based on their own tastes.

The suture root function

when power returns after a power loss, the computer will immediately resume using its pre-existing configuration and configuration.

Twin Combination: By connecting one outside unit to two interior units, each unit can be set up as a dual system, which efficiently spreads the entire system’s work throughout an expanded region.

Anti VOC filter.

 Bringing Midea AC is state-of-the-art Anti VOC filter feature, which efficiently removes dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to cleanse the air in your area.

Dehumidifier Function

With Midea AC Dehumidifier Function, you can unleash the comfort potential of your environment by precisely regulating the humidity levels.

Lowest to 0.5W Standby

The Lowest to 0.5W Standby feature on the Midea AC provides unmatched energy savings and environmentally friendly cooling.

 Dry Mode

Developed to eliminate surplus humidity from the air, Midea AC Dry Mode feature maximizes relaxation and upholds a healthier indoor environment.

WiFi  Ready:

This series of cooling systems may be equipped with a module that uses Wi-Fi, which enables you to remotely control the cooling system using an app on your smartphone or tablet from any location at any moment.

LED Display

A large LED display within the unit provides precise data on how the air cooling system is operating.

Exactly why are we the best?

  1. Products and services of a high quality:

Our product is excellent to others because every product is authentic and reliable. We are tried to provide superior quality product and service. Service is first things to Air conditioner due to without AC service you do not run your AC.

  1. Competitive Price:

We are always offering to reasonable price with perfect product. Product price is a big factor in undeveloped country. When customer looks to low price then they are interest to buy Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh. Same configuration other brand AC price is very high. Product longevity and sturdiness is another attribute. We do not over price to customer.

  1. Wide Range Product line:

Wide range of product is another advantage because you can choose your desire model Air conditioner for your home or office. If you visit our online store then you will see various types of Midea Air conditioner (AC) model. You will find here various kinds of Midea AC and so on. This is big opportunity of our nation.

  1. Excellent Customer Service:

Customer service is a excellent things for AC user. If you are use the Air conditioner then you need to AC Service due to without Servicing you do not use hassle free. We have expert and experienced Technical Team those are provide authentic and reliable service all over Bangladesh. We have two categories system of after sale service Commercial and Residential. Commercial compressor warranty is 3 years and Residential 5 years.

  1. Trust and Credibility:

Through honesty and integrity, our relationship with our customers is established on trust and trustworthiness, which are the cornerstones of our collaboration. If you fail to that then you will be loser in competitive AC Market in Bangladesh.

  1. Exclusive Dealer and Promotion:

We are Authorized and Certified Dealer of Midea 2 Ton Cassette Air conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh. Officially, we are always providing promotional price to customer. 10%, 15% or 5% discount. You will not get these facilities to unauthorized Midea AC showroom in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  1. Transparent Policy:

Policy is another important factor for buyer. Transparent policy can give you best feedback from customer. We have no hidden policy with hidden cost. Our every thing is open and transparent in front of our customer. Customer sale support and warranty is also included in here.

  1. First and Reliable Shipping

We lay a strong focus on trustworthy & speedy shipment, that assures sure our customers will have their items on time. If you assign shipping accountability to our company subsequently we will assume the duty of care.

  1. Review and Testimonial:

Good feedback & endorsements from clients who are happy with our offerings and services serve as proof of the superior goods and services we provide. It may gives you best business in Bangladesh, many people find the product review for growing confidence.

Benefits of Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton

  1. Highly effective Cooling: Mid to huge rooms are appropriately cooled or warmed by it, delivering the maximum potential degree of ease.
    2. area-saving Layout: Midea 2.5 Ton cassette AC design permits for placement in hanging ceilings, sparing substantial floor area.
    3. Even Air Distribution: With 360-degree circulation, it provides uniform dispersal of cooled air over the room.
    4. Power Effectiveness: Midea Cassette AC is meant to be cost-effective, assisting in decreasing electricity bills.
    5. Quiet Function: It operates gently, eliminating disturbance interruption in the indoor environment.
    6. Complex Functions: some versions include complex features including a remote control, timer function, and adjustment for temp for increased comfort.
    7. Dependable Efficiency: Midea is a known company noted for its trustworthy and durable air cooling solutions.
    8. Quick Upkeep: Cassette AC 2.5 Ton are frequently easy to preserve, requiring minimum care for a long lifetime.
    9. After-sale Support: We provide a service system. After completing the service time, we tack the obligation via a yearly service scheme. Providing the best quality replacement parts and trustworthy service.
    10. Lower Cost: Our goods and services are the lowest other than. Genuine products and services are the key objectives of our organization.

The Pros and Cons of the Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton price in Bangladesh

Similarly to every other cooling system, you ought to decide whether a cassette air conditioning unit is acceptable for your residence, place of business, shop, or other situation. Every product has different advantages in the field of use. You have to decide your cooling system.

          Prose of 

Small and separate– The Midea cassette ac 2.5 Ton blends in well with your ceiling and takes up no wall room in your

Air is distributed evenly – Midea cassette acdistribute air evenly and at a constant hotness in all instructios.

Energy-efficient – Once the appropriate hotness is reached, 2.5-ton Midea cassette ac rapidly as well as effectively cool rooms, conserving power. There is no doubt that your electricity bills will differ.

Can Cool your vast areas — The 2.5ton Midea Cassette AC unit is used to cool big space, such as homes as well as offices. The little units also work well in little spaces. You might buy it with confidence.

Steady warmth – A wide distribution of airflow ensures that the house’s hotness remains constant.

Its look great – Cassette ac are stylish as well as complement a wide range of center design styles. The lattice on your ceiling is the only able to be seen portion of them; they don’t take up any partition or floor space.

It’s quiet — The heated or cooled air is delivered silently using cassette systems.

Controlled hotness – You can utilize a programmable thermostat to control the hotness for more expediency and soothe.

Low preservation – Air conditioners in cassette form are low preservation and have a long Similar to other split systems ac; you should clean the vents with a dry towel once a year as well as immaculate or replace the air filters frequently. A yearly repair is also suggested.

         Cons of

We’re going to examine a few disadvantages:

Ceiling space required–Cassette AC need sufficient space both on the ceiling and in the ceiling cavity, and therefore not all houses can fit one.
You’ll need more than one inside the grill to provide heat or cool the whole home, therefore you’ll need numerous units.
The external unit is loud – even though the inner grille is quiet, the unit on the outside may produce noise, thus it’s important to consider where to place it. Take into consideration the proximity of neighboring homes when deciding where to position it.
Its more costly — Cassette cooling units often cost less to purchase and deploy than conventional wall-mounted split-system cooling systems.

FAQ for Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh

Every things has some quation for this way we have some ASK about Midea Cassette AC.

Which company cassette AC is best?

To choose the best Cassette AC Company depends on some factors as performance, reliability, customer satisfaction and affordability. You will find some brand on AC Market in Bangladesh, such as General, Daikin, Gree, Mitsubishi,Panasonic, LG and Midea. I can say that Midea is a first for product effectiveness and cost. Midea has grate advantages to use. SO, you can buy Midea Cassette AC with confidently.

Is Midea better than Gree?

The relative merits of Midea and Gree will rely on several variables, including personal preferences, particular product features, dependability, and effectiveness. Respected names in the air conditioning market, Midea and Gree are both well-known for providing a variety of goods at various price ranges and feature sets. We can say that Midea Cassette AC is affordable and durable service provider.

What is the life of cassette AC?

A cassette air conditioners lifetime is contingent upon several elements, such as use patterns, upkeep, external circumstances, and unit condition. A well-maintained cassette air conditioner may last up to fifteen years on average. If you get regular service from an expert technician then lifespan may be increased by prompt repairs, routine maintenance, and cleaning. You need regular upkeep or checking For your cassette air conditioner to operate at its best and last as long as possible, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and plan routine maintenance.

Is Midea a Chinese brand?

Yes, the Midea is a Chinese Brand. With its headquarters located in Beijiao, China, it is among the world’s leading manufacturers of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and household appliances. A vast array of goods, including air conditioning units, refrigerators, washing machines, and kitchen appliances, are produced by Midea.

Does cassette AC need stabilizer?

To control power outages, cassette AC units typically come with built-in voltage stabilizers. You need not extra stabilizer; if you need more over then you have to contract to manufacturer or engineer who is related to production.

Finally, cooling system solution is more important to day. Global warming is increase day by day.Midea Cassette AC 2.5 Ton can gives you best solution. You can buy it with confidently. This is authorized cooling system for personal and industrial use. Therefore, this is excellent and confidential cooling solution for you.


Model MCA-30CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Bangladesh, Spare Parts,China.
  Cooling Capacity Capacity BTU/hr 30000
Input W 3400
Current A 15.80
EER W/W 2.72
Max.input Consumption W 4900
Max.input current A 23
Coverage Space 240-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 3.0
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 1700/1500/1400
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/5
Power Consumption Cooling W 3400
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 45/43/41
Outdoor dB(A) 58
Dimension(W*D*H) Indoor mm 840×290×840
Outdoor 845×363×702
Net Weight Indoor Kg 35
Outdoor Kg 65
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 9.5/15.9(3/8’’/5/8’’)
Drainage Water pipe Diameter mm ODØ32
Operating Temperature Ċ 17~30
Refrigerant R-410
Compressor                                  Rotary – HITACHI.