Returns Policy

Important Note has established new product return policy from January-01- 2016 up to Decm-29-2016 for all kinds of order. We have various kinds of electronics item for selling and those have different types of characters. Our applicable all return policy is not same. It is depends on sales terms & conditions with clear cut warranty policy.

Electronics product: Air conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, Freeze, Air cooler, Room Heater, Camera, Microwave Oven , Rice cooker,  Vacuum Cleaner, water dispenser, iron, Home theater, Speaker, mobile accessories, laptop, Blender, Gas Stove,  Kitchen hoot and other home appliance


Return policy is applicable when buyer buy a product or after received a product, if product is defect or damaged for our wrong delivery system, manufacturing fault or cause by our staff.

Returns or replace of product.

Return product is easy working after buy your product. Its return depends on something such as intake position product, unused product, original packaged, not installed or fittings any product. Sometimes it depends also sales terms.

Replacement is vital factors for selling that we faced these types of case after selling our product. Same model, brand, capacity or same color product will be replaced after sale of any product when it is available in our shop. Otherwise you have to wait for our next shipment or import. Sometimes it depends on product sales terms.

For Returns needs:

Return is the common issue for any business online or off line. So we should be easy on this policy for customer. We think that our return policy is very easy from any seller in Bangladesh. On the other hand, has some own return policy for sold product.

  1. Right Product:

    You have to confirm about your right on sold product by cash memo, warranty card, model number, capacity, colors with intake position.  Every papers and documents checked by authority.

       2 .Complete Product

When received any sold product for return, authority will check other accessories such as cable, remote control, fresh product box, unused condition, sales terms documents.

      3. Unused Product

Return product must be unused.Sometimes it depends on productson basis of   warranty period. Only service warranty, no warranty or Guarantee sale system. Many times it depends on product variety or availability.

       4. Damaged or Undamaged Product

When we are giving any kind of guarantee with some sales terms, is liable for return products.Simply or maximum damages product are not to be returned because guarantee product sale is not available. Every product has own sales system or warranty. So this is not critical for us.

       5. Undamaged Packaging

Undamaged product of must be taken for return for client comfort or for different choose. It depends on product availability, original package, and unused product with accessories.

      6 . Return or replacement product transport:

Product size is the factors. On the other hand, product category is also another factors and sales system is different types of factors because we have to mind all kinds of factorbecause client is the king of our business. We are always trying to give best service to our valued client.  We are always ready for better service to our valued client.