Floor Standing Ac

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Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC) is different kind of Air conditioner. www.aircon.com.bd is stored Floor Standing Ac price in Bangladesh. Indoor unit is the vertical position. We can say that it is almira type Air conditioner. This is a unique shape Air conditioner. It has huge demand in hall room, Seminar room, restaurant, motels, data center etc or where you do not set other types of Air conditioner. We are largest supplier of Floor standing Air conditioner price in Bangladesh.

Floor Standing Ac price in Bangladesh
There are two unit located, indoor unit and outdoor unit.  Fan coli unit is indoor, and condenser or compressor side is outdoor unit. It is set in outside the wall for heat reject through the vapor compression cycle.
These two units are most important for Air conditioning system because of to each other connected through Copper tube and cables. We have expert technicians for installation; otherwise you have to face various types of problems.
Brand name of Floor Standing Air conditioner: We are the authorized Dealer, Distributor and importer of Floor Standing Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Here are some brand names for Floor type Ac, For example: Mitsubishi Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Midea Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Panasonic Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Gree Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Daikin Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC) and Chigo Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC). Every product has some different features and facilities for client satisfaction. So, you have to select your products by your buying policy.  
Different Capacity of Floor Standing Air conditioner: All air conditioner has various capacities for specific space. For that reason, Floor Standing Air conditioner has also capacity. It’s started from 1.5 Ton (18000-Btu) to 10 Ton (120,000-Btu). On the other hand, top selling items are 3 Ton, 4 Ton and 5 Ton. Our all Air conditioners are perfect Btu (British thermal unit). We have business goodwill 38 years in Bangladesh. Accordingly, you can buy with trustworthy.
Use of Floor Standing Air conditioner: When you do not use other category Air conditioner in your required space. Then you have to think Floor Standing Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Indoor unit is like as Almira style. Cooling coverage capacity is the same with wall split, Cassette, Split ceiling and Window Air conditioner.