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Midea FloorStanding AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh I MFGA-24CRN

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Midea FloorStanding AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh

A special kind of air conditioner, floor sanding AC is becoming more and more in demand across all industries. We can certainly say that Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh is widely utilized in Bangladesh. It is made with premium components and all-copper construction. Excellent or dependable product quality and pricing are offered to a wide range of consumers.

The Midea Floor Standing AC provides flexibility together with a chic, modern design. The device may be placed on the floor of your store or business office.

Product Description:

It is designed to stand directly on the floor of a room. Floor-standing AC units are positioned at ground level. They typically have a rectangular or tower-like shape and are equipped with wheels or casters, tray for easy mobility.

Midea Floor Standing AC 2 Ton is often larger and more powerful than their wall-mounted, Window AC or cassette Ceiling, its suitable for cooling larger rooms or spaces. Product features extra functionalities such as multiple fan speeds, efficient Cooling oscillation, durability self-diagnosis, auto-protection function and programmable timers. Floor-standing AC units are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings where there may be limited wall space available or where a portable cooling solution is desired.

Midea Floor Standing AC 2 Ton is perfect 24000 BTU & 100 Copper Condenser for higher durability, 220 Voltaz, Single phase unit product; input Watt-2700, Energy Efficient Ration (EER-2.74), power consumption, watt-3450, Low level indoor noise- dB(A) 45, higher indoor air flow other than 2 Ton Floor Standing AC is m3/h-1154, Eco-friendly refrigerant R-410 , for best environment. Outdoor body is stainless steel weather coat rain protected punished. Indoor body is also strong and smart shape, it grows fashion and gorgeous at your home or office.

Product features is making different to other brand, For example: 3D Air Flow can cover all space to deliver the cooling, Long distance wind Blast, Washable Healthier Filter, Elegant and stylish design, Noise level is minimum not disturbing, self diagnosis system, auto restart function, dehumidification for better environment and timer function for night sleep. Here is lot of world class and excellent features for Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh, and it’s most confidential and trustworthy product for all.

For efficiently cooling large spaces, such as conference rooms, stores, showrooms, lobby bars, restaurants, gyms, institute, seminar or hall room, decorated home and other manufacturing and industrial facilities, Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is offer an excellent cooling solution. Each model, with capacities ranging from 24,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU, satisfies the most recent EU regulations on economy and energy efficiency.

Midea Floorstanding 2-Ton Air Conditioner installing it is simple, and the two rows of louvres that guide the strong air flow are placed on the floor of the space, giving it a cabinet- or tower-like look.  They are utilized in spaces where it is not possible to use the walls’ and ceilings’ surfaces, with ceiling heights of up to 5 meters, and stock areas on the floor. Floor-standing unit lineup: 4 versions, ranging in power from 7 to 16 kW, with only separate controls available for each one.

Features of Midea Floor Standing AC 2 Ton:

3D Air Flow-

The device ensures a more even and pleasant airflow dispersal with its automated vertical swing and horizontal movement functionalities.

 Long Distance Wind Blast-

The increased air inlet and six bigger air-directing propellers permit an airflow range of up to 15 meters.

Simple and Elegant Design-

The trendy and unique design of Midea Floorstanding air conditioner 2 ton delivers a premium look.

Low Noise-

Improved duct and blade architecture result in substantially quieter use of the air conditioner.

Valve protection cover-

Midea’s Floorstanding AC 2 Ton Unit’s Valve Protection Cover guarantees improved lifetime and durability, protecting important components with dependability and comfort.

Independent Dehumidification-

Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton with Independent Dehumidification efficiently removes surplus moisture to provide a refreshing and breathable indoor atmosphere that is customized to your requirements.

Anti Rust cabinet-

With its Anti-Rust Cabinet, Midea’s Floorstanding AC 2 Ton guarantees long-lasting durability and corrosion prevention, giving you peace of mind and dependability for years to come.

Easy cleaned panel-

Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton requires less maintenance because to its Easy-Cleaned Panel feature, which makes it easy to keep your unit looking new and functioning at its best with little work.

Quіеt mоdе-

Because the interior unit fan runs at very low speeds, it reduces noise and promotes peace.

Ѕеlf-dіаgnоѕіѕ аnd рrоtесtіоn-

The Midea Floor Standing air conditioner will turn off and shut itself down in the case of a system issue. In addition to protecting the air conditioning system, this causes an error code to appear on the inside unit.

 LСD dіѕрlау-

The interior unit has a large LCD display that offers detailed information about how the Midea Floor standing Air conditioning system is operating.

Аutоmаtіс rеѕtаrt-

When power returns, the air conditioner will immediately start and continue operating in the mode it was in prior to the power disruption if it stops operating abruptly amid a power loss.

Нumіdіtу Rеduсtіоn-

Turning on this setting alternates between chilling and ventilation settings, lowering the level of moisture in the air-conditioned space.

Ѕtаіnlеѕѕ соаtіng оf thе оutdооr unіt-

The outside unit of the “Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh” is protected with a stainless coating for safety.

Еаѕу tо сlеаn раnеl-

The interior unit’s panel permits easy maintenance.

Аntі-соrrоѕіоn соаtіng-

The anti-corrosion coating put over the heat exchanger successfully suppresses bacterial development and reproduction while boosting heat transmission to the interior unit.

Аddіtіоnаl еlесtrіс hеаtеr-

During frigid winter days, the inside unit of the air conditioner is fitted with an integrated auxiliary electric heater, offering higher power and effective heating qualities.

Blue fin heat exchanger cover –

We highly recommended that a specific anti-corrosion coating that is applied to the heat exchanger protects it from airborne contaminants and the effects of abrasive conditions, hence providing corrosion protection. It can protect your Air conditioner from various anguish problems.

Aluminum heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating

Improved moisture efficiency is provided by the heat exchanger’s highly treated aluminum panels coated with a hydrophilic substance. This maximizes the efficiency of the air conditioner and guarantees quick condensation evacuation from the inside unit, minimizing the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect

RLD functions as an electronic feature embedded within the Main board or PCB of the AC unit, conducting self-diagnostic assessments. When the temperature sensors at the inlet line of the evaporator detect elevated temperatures, the system will display an “EC” code on the indoor unit’s screen, indicating the requirement for assistance from a skilled service team equipped with appropriate tools for diagnosis.

Dry Mode

Dry mode automatically determines cooling depending on the variation between the set and real room temperatures. When humidity is reduced, the cooling and ventilation systems will turn on and off more often. You may activate the Dry mode by choosing “Drop” or “fall” on your AC remote control.

Multi-Bend Heat Exchanger

If the temperature increases, your air conditioner employs heat exchangers having a better tube design. These tubes contain trapezoidal notches on their inner surface, known as “Inner grove cooper,” which boosts heat transmission efficiency. This results in a 29% improvement in heat transfer, decreasing power usage and eventually boosting the efficiency of your cooling system.

Why did you select to Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh

Because of its remarkable qualities, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the region’s environment, such as its strong cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and durability, I went with the Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton for Bangladesh. The easy maintenance feature of its cleanable panel simplifies servicing, while its anti-corrosion cabinet ensures durability, especially in humid conditions. Due to these characteristics, it is the best option for Bangladeshi clients looking for dependable and efficient air conditioning systems.

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 Benefits of Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton

  1. Product quality and price: Since it runs on 220 volts or single phase, the Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is the finest option for a house or business. When compared to other 2 ton air conditioners, it is a superior and capable cooling system. In addition, the cost is more than that of comparable 2-ton air conditioners.
  2. Strong Cooling: Compared to 2 ton wall-mounted or window ACs, the Midea 2 ton floorstanding AC has higher power.
  3. Durability: Because floorstanding air conditioners employ a new technology to survive a long time, they are more robust than other 2 ton models.
  4. Dehumidification feature: The Midea 2 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner includes a sizable dehumidification feature for the environment and health. Dehumidification may enhance the air quality in your space.
  5. Anti-rust cabinet: The Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is equipped with an anti-rust cabinet that guarantees durability and longevity even in a damp setting.
  6. Advanced features: This Midea Floorstabding AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh offers clients distinctive, top-notch features that set it apart from other brands. Features may raise the AC market’s level of awareness the most.
  7. After-sale service: Midea Floorstanding Air Conditioner’s after-sale service is crucial. We have a knowledgeable and skilled service staff that provides nationwide service. Our technician arrived to the customer’s house or place of business in a flash.
  8. Official Warranty: An official warranty is included with the purchase of a Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton. Authorized dealers are the only ones who may provide an authentic warranty.
  9. Availability of replacement parts: As an authorized dealer and distributor of Midea Air conditioners in Bangladesh, we are able to provide the client with the spare parts. In any event, we are able to provide the consumer with it if you encounter a significant issue with broken components.
  10.  Simple installation: The Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton requires no hassles during installation. The outdoor unit is placed outside the room, while the interior unit is placed inside. Only a skilled specialist is required for the optimal super cooling installation.

Pros & Cons of Floor Standing AC

We know that every thing has positive or negative maters, in this way Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton has some merits and demerits, and we are given some information in here at below:

Pros of a Midea FloorStanding AC 2 Ton

 Space is saving – Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is need to indoor unit installation on floor or bases your home or office. It does not need to wall or ceiling; outdoor is same as wall split or Cassette-Ceiling Air conditioner.

Affordability – Midea Floorsta nding AC much more affordable than other cools systems, for example: duct AC, or VRF Air conditioner.

Low profile design  Floorstanding AC is small, thin and easy to clean around.

Powerful cooling- Midea Floorstanding AC 2 is much more powerful other than categories AC  for example: Wall split, window AC or Cassette Ceiling AC.

Energy Efficient-  Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is most energy efficient.

Improved Air Circulation– Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is multiple air direction settings.

Durability– Midea  Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is high longevity.

Cons of Midea FloorStanding AC 2 Ton

Size and Bulkiness: Midea Floorstanding AC indoor size is larger than any 2 Ton Air conditioner. Its need to large space on you floor or base.

Installation Complexity: Indoor setting on the floor is big issue because it does not moveable. Installation cost is high other than 2 Ton AC.

Higher Initial Cost: Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton price is higher than 2 Ton wall split or Window AC, and maintenance cost and installation cost is also high at first time.

Limited Placement Options:  There may be fewer positioning alternatives available because of having to have a connection to floor space or being near power sources.

 Maintenance Challenges: As a result of their dimensions & construction, floor-standing air conditioning systems might pose additional difficulties when it comes to maintaining them.

Air circulation issues: Although these appliances are so close to what’s below the surface, the air circulation that they produce could at times be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions for Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton

Is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner Better Than Wall Mounted?

Each kind of air conditioner floorstanding AC and wall-mounted AC has benefits, and which is preferable for you will depend on your demands. While wall-mounted AC units save space and are often more visually attractive, floorstanding AC units have a greater cooling capacity and are best suited for bigger rooms. Select according to the size of the space, installation choices, and cooling needs.

Is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner as Powerful as Other Air Cons?

Without a doubt! The durability of floor-standing cooling systems is normally comparable to that of other kinds of air conditioners, such as those that are installed on the wall or the ceiling. These air conditioning units that are freestanding are available in a variety of capabilities to meet the diverse cooling requirements of a wide range of spaces, from small rooms to large & expanding regions.

They function through the application of the same technologies and elements that are utilized in conventional air conditioning systems, such as fans, evaporator coils, & compressors, which ensures that the air’s cooling and dehumidifying processes are carried out effectively.

The variation in maximum output between the two air conditioners is attributable to their intended usage. Window wall air conditioners are meant for residential dwellings, tiny rooms, and business spaces; hence they often have lesser power capabilities.

In contrast, most floor-standing air conditioning systems are built for bigger locations like halls, conference rooms, and commercial enterprises, in addition to being ideal for household usage.

Does Floor Standing Air Conditioning Have an Outdoor Unit?

Yes, floor-standing air conditioners often feature an outside unit, similar to other kinds of split air conditioning systems. The outside unit comprises crucial components such the compressor, condenser coil, and fan. These sections cooperate to release the heat gathered from within the building to the outer environment. The indoor unit, which is the floor-standing portion, links to the outside unit via refrigerant lines and electrical cables. With this system, interior areas are properly chilled while simultaneously releasing heat to the outside, assuring efficient temperature control within the building.

What’s the Difference Between a Floor Standing Air Conditioner and a Portable Air Conditioner?

A floorstanding AC may or may not be preferable to a Portable one depending on a number of variables including personal preferences, we are given below some information:-

Character of Floorstanding AC:-
  1. Cooling Capacity: Floorstanding AC has more capacity than portable it’s perfect for large spaces or room
  2. Flexibility of Installation:- It does not need to be installed on the wall or ceiling, it’s mounted on the floor or standby on the floor or base. Outdoor is the setting of outside.
  3. Easy to Maintenance:- Indoor maintenance is very easy because its inside the room, outdoor is the similar with others ,without Portable or Window.
  4. Improved Air Circulation: – Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton has a few Air circulation system, to ensure the high Air flow service.
  5. Aesthetics: – They may complement certain room layouts more effectively and have an attractive appearance.
Character of Portable AC:-
  1. Space Saving: It does not need to huge or large space, its look like as a box.
  2. Better Airflow Direction: Airflow direction is does not similar with floor standing AC, its lower than it.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Its energy efficient Air conditioning system.
  4. Cost: Portable AC cost is lower than Floor standing AC.
  5. Quieter Operation: It’s very quiet and silence product than Floor standing.
  6. Size: Portable is small size than Floor standing.
  7. Outdoor Unit: Portable AC has no outdoor unit.

Where Can I Buy Floor Standing AC in Bangladesh?

Do you want to purchase Midea  Floorstanding AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh? You may knock to us via Phone, Email and our online or Offline shop. Desired product, you may purchase from our numerous Models and capacity for rapid and economical installation. We are an Authorized Dealer and re-seller of Midea Air conditioners in Bangladesh. It’s a fantastic site to acquire this stuff.

What Is the Best Floor Standing Air Conditioner?

More than a few considerations, including cooling power, energy-saving features, brand reputation, and price range, go into selecting the ideal floor-standing air conditioner. Exceptional solutions are available from leading companies including Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Daikin, Panasonic, and Midea. Take into account the size of the space, the demand for cooling, energy ratings, and additional functions like air filtration and dehumidification, and customer reviews. Remember to evaluate warranty coverage and pricing. The one that best suits your demands & ensures consistent performance is eventually the most effective.

Please take the time to read this carefully. We suggest that the product service, price, and quality be all very good. Considering that Midea is the most affordable floorstanding air conditioner and that durability is a feature of its Midea floorstanding AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh, you may purchase this device with confidence. The first Floor type AC brand is called Midea.

In conclusion, the Midea Floorstanding AC 2 Ton is the ideal choice for either home or professional usage. Many unique characteristics, including multidirectional air flow, quicker cooling, high energy efficiency, copper condenser, eco-friendly service for a healthy environment, and energy efficiency. An excellent and dependable cooling device is the Midea Floorstanding Air Conditioner. Consider your needs and budget while making an informed decision that will provide reliable cooling for many years to come.


Model MGFA-24CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong, China.
Assembled by Join-venture BD with China.
Cooling Capacity Btu/hr 24000
Input W 2600
Rated Current A 12.5
EER W/W 2.71
Coverage Space Squear Feet 230
Input Power V/Ø/Hz 220/240/1/50
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 1130/946
Power Consumption Cooling KW 3.5
Noise Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 52/48
Outdoor dB(A) 60.5
Dimension Indoor(WxDxH) mm 510 x 315 x1750
Outdoor (WxDxH) mm 845 x 363 x702
Net Weight Indoor Kg 48
Outdoor Kg 35
Connection pipe Size (Small/Large) Size 3/8,5/8
Max Connection Pipe Length mm(inch) 40
Max Height  Difference m 20
Drainage Pipe Diameter m 10
Permissible Range of outdoor Temp. ®C 18-43
Compressor Type Rotary
Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA Group).
Refrigerent Type R-410


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