Split Ceiling Air Conditioner

Ceiling Air Conditioner (AC)

Under ceiling or Ceiling Suspended or ceiling type Air Conditioner (AC) are the most usages products. Ceiling type Air Conditioner is ideally light commercial item for cooling. Many people are telling to Ceiling Suspended Air conditioner.

We are the largest and biggest Air conditioning Company in Bangladesh. You will get 100% authentic and most powerful cooling Machine in here. Ceiling Type Air conditioner is very demanding product for official use. Every product has authentic information in our online store.

Brand Name of Ceiling Type Air Conditioner: Brand is essential part of buying policy. Each and Every brand name has different features and facilities. Product price is also different. You will obtain here all international branded Air conditioner for your high cooling. For example: General Ceiling Air Conditioner (AC), Carrier Ceiling Air conditioner (AC), Mitsubishi Ceiling Air conditioner (AC), Chigo Ceiling Air Conditioner (AC), Daikin Ceiling Air conditioner (AC), Midea Ceiling Air conditioner (AC) and Panasonic Ceiling Air conditioner (AC).

 Different Capacity of Ceiling Air conditioner: Capacity refers to Tonnage. If you want to buy Air conditioner then you have to define Tonnage or Capacity. Otherwise you do not assess your requirement.  Ceiling type Air conditioner started from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton. Dimension or shape is perfect and smart. We are top seller of Ceiling Air conditioner in Bangladesh with lowest price. So, you can buy with confidently from here.

Use of Ceiling Type Air conditioner: Ceiling Type Air conditioner using is different from other. Due to, it is set in your under ceiling or roof top ceiling. Ceiling Type Ac provides air flow vertically in space. Installation is also very easy. You can calculate Tonnage with other category Air conditioner because of cooling power is the same of all Air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh
Definition: “Window Air Conditioner” (AC) is designed for a single room or one unit Component box. It is set in a window box space. We can say that it is as a room Air conditioner. www.aircon.com.bd is the best online store for Window Air conditioner price Bangladesh.
Window Air Conditioner (AC) is containing the entire component, namely: compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator, cooling coil are together with this in a sole container. It is a most cost effective for personal and industrial use.
Window Air Conditioner has side parts, one is front and another is outside.  One side is evaporator side, and it is room facing located for cooling section and another is heat rejection section. Two sections are insulated by one casing. Component box are made up of steel.
Brand name of Window Air conditioner: Window Air conditioner brand is the most important part for buying technique. Because of, every product has some different features and facilities. You have to select your desired facilities. For that reason, we are stored many international brand for customer facilities. For example: General Window Air Conditioner (AC), Carrier Window Air conditioner (AC), Midea Window Air conditioner (AC) and Chigo Window Air conditioner (AC). We provided authentic information in Window Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh.
Different Capacity of Window Air conditioner: Air Conditioner capacity is a vital part for our cooling system. We have some capacity for your super cooling. Here are 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton window Ac.
Use of Window Air conditioner: We can use Window Air conditioner price in Bangladesh at personal or commercial purpose. Most of the people are know this is a room or personal Air conditioner. On the other hand, we know it is use at vastly commercially. Window Air conditioner use is very easy due to easy installation process and easy after service. You can get best service from window Ac.

Wall Split Air Conditioner

Cassette Air Conditioner

Cassette type Air conditioner in Bangladesh is a different dimensional kind of cooling machine. Every Air conditioner unit has some different design. Commercially, it is use in maximum places. So, you can select your capacity and brand.
Cassette Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh
Cassette type Air conditioner in Bangladesh is work the same way as well as set in wall split system units, with the dissimilarity life form that cassettes are installed into the roof ceiling as a substitute of on the High Wall. The indoor unit is provided air cooling by two or four way. We can say, it is round flow system.
Brand name of Cassette Air conditioner:
It is a most popular Air conditioning system. We are selling many international brand of Cassette Air conditioner in Bangladesh. For example: General Cassette Air Conditioner in Bangladesh, Carrier Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Panasonic Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Midea Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Chigo Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Daikin Cassette Air conditioner (AC) and  Mitsubishi Cassette Air conditioner (AC).
Different Capacity of Cassette Air conditioner:
Capacity is a vital logical fact of Air conditioner. Without Capacity, you do not measure; somewhat you need for your space. Cassette type Air conditioner is started from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton. You will see, in here various category of Cassette Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Every product is different shape.
Use of Cassette Air conditioner:
Essentially, cassette type Air conditioner (AC) is an industrial product for high cooling. It is installed in roof ceiling. All air conditioning system has same cooling capacity. For example: We are using normally 120 square feet (with 9 feet height) equal to 1 Ton. You do not use in any gathering places by this capacity. Single phase Air conditioner from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton and from 3 Ton to 5 Ton is three phase.

Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC) is different kind of Air conditioner. www.aircon.com.bd is stored Floor Standing Ac price in Bangladesh. Indoor unit is the vertical position. We can say that it is almira type Air conditioner. This is a unique shape Air conditioner. It has huge demand in hall room, Seminar room, restaurant, motels, data center etc or where you do not set other types of Air conditioner. We are largest supplier of Floor standing Air conditioner price in Bangladesh.

Floor Standing Ac price in Bangladesh
There are two unit located, indoor unit and outdoor unit.  Fan coli unit is indoor, and condenser or compressor side is outdoor unit. It is set in outside the wall for heat reject through the vapor compression cycle.
These two units are most important for Air conditioning system because of to each other connected through Copper tube and cables. We have expert technicians for installation; otherwise you have to face various types of problems.
Brand name of Floor Standing Air conditioner: We are the authorized Dealer, Distributor and importer of Floor Standing Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Here are some brand names for Floor type Ac, For example: Mitsubishi Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Midea Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Panasonic Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Gree Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC), Daikin Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC) and Chigo Floor Standing Air conditioner (AC). Every product has some different features and facilities for client satisfaction. So, you have to select your products by your buying policy.  
Different Capacity of Floor Standing Air conditioner: All air conditioner has various capacities for specific space. For that reason, Floor Standing Air conditioner has also capacity. It’s started from 1.5 Ton (18000-Btu) to 10 Ton (120,000-Btu). On the other hand, top selling items are 3 Ton, 4 Ton and 5 Ton. Our all Air conditioners are perfect Btu (British thermal unit). We have business goodwill 38 years in Bangladesh. Accordingly, you can buy with trustworthy.
Use of Floor Standing Air conditioner: When you do not use other category Air conditioner in your required space. Then you have to think Floor Standing Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Indoor unit is like as Almira style. Cooling coverage capacity is the same with wall split, Cassette, Split ceiling and Window Air conditioner.

 Best Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh 

  Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioner (HVAC)

Buy Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh (AC) from our online store. We are selling Carrier Ac, Gree Ac, Sharp Ac, LG Ac, Mitsubishi Ac, Toshiba Ac, Samsung Ac, Panasonic Ac, Daikin Ac, Hair Ac, TCL Ac, Midea Ac, ChigoAc and General Ac price in Bangladesh.

Air Conditioner (AC) is a machine for cooling system.  Which is containing Chemical and it is converted from Gas to liquid and again back very quickly. Inside Air conditioner has some internal process for absorbed warm Air and provides cool Air. We are best supplier of Ac price in Bangladesh.

Air Conditioner or Ac is the most usage products in Bangladesh. Day by day is increasing Air conditioner (AC) applies at personal or commercial reason. www.aircon.com.bd is the leading and authorized Dealer, Distributor and importer of every one intercontinental brands (AC) Air conditioner price in Bangladesh, Spare Parts and HVAC products in Bangladesh. Each and every Ac is authentic and 100% original. We have 38 years import, sale and service skill in Bangladesh. Consequently, you can purchase through self-assuredly as of here.

We stored entire global brand names. Here is assorted category of Air conditioner (AC), For instance: Wall Split Ac, Window Ac, Cassette Type Ac, Split Ceiling Ac, Duct Type Ac, VRF Ac and Floor Standing Ac. Every single one capacity is always available in here.

On the other hand, we demonstrate several added products, Like As: small and industrial Dehumidifier, Air Curtain, Air Cooler, Room Heater and Home Appliance.  We have a few physical exhibit center or Showroom in Dhaka Dhanmondi, Bangobondu National Stadium, Gazipur, Sylhet and Chittagong. I believe you will visit our Showroom and online store www.aircon.com.bd . We are providing best Ac Price in Bangladesh and high quality service at any time for client satisfaction.

Top Brands for “Air Conditioner”

Carrier Ac, Gree Ac, Sharp Ac, LG Ac, Mitsubishi Ac, Toshiba Ac, Samsung Ac, Panasonic Ac, Daikin Ac, Hair Ac, TCL Ac, Midea Ac, Chigo Ac and General Ac price in Bangladesh.

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