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Midea AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh I MSA-30CRN

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  • Midea Corporation (China).
  • British Thermal Unit Tested (exact BTU).
  • Qualified importer, since 1983.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio High.
  • Super cooling Mode.
  • Compressor and Gas-410 by Midea Company.
  • Leakage detector.
  • Dehumidification Function.
  • Environment Friendly product.
  • Power saving Mode.
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Midea AC 2.5 Ton Price in Banglades

Midea Corporation is the world largest and leading innovative Air Conditioner (AC) and Home Appliance producer in China. Midea Company always contribute Environment-Friendly products for high comfort. In this way, “Midea AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh” is the finest quality AC for personal and industrial use.

Midea Air Conditioner (AC) is the most famous and effective cooling device. Each and every single part of Midea 2.5 Ton AC maintain by Midea Corporation of the China. www.aircon.com.bd is the first and largest Midea Ac Distributor in Bangladesh. We have every one of type Midea Air conditioner with elevated legitimacy. We know Midea Ac 2.5 Ton is the first growing Chinese and best Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Midea is the cheapest Ac in Bangladesh and has long-run use capability. Most of the new buyer wants to buy Midea brand Air conditioner (AC) for cheaper than other brand and first service. It has accurate features and technical structure with the best Ac compressor. So, many people like to use Midea 2.5 Ton Ac in Bangladesh personally or commercially.

Midea 2.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner (AC) is the sky-scraping relaxed and top selling Air Conditioner. Midea is a different kind of Air conditioner because the product price is low and quality first. Maximum people prefer to use “Midea 2.5 Ton Split AC for personal or industrial use. It has super cooling capacity, a power saving unit, an Auto restart function, and sleeping mode. Dry Mode, intact Gas, Midea Compressor and super condenser unit. It has huge demand in Bangladesh.

Product Description:

Midea AC is fist brand in Bangladesh for product response. We are the Top seller in Bangladesh in the field of personal and commercial sector. Midea 2.5 Ton Split AC is built 100% copper condenser, perfect BTU (30000), Latest Model:MSA-30CRN, Its look like excellent design and smart shape, Turbo Mode cooling Power, cooling capacity 260 square feet space, 220 Phase or Single Phase, input Watt = 2700,

Energy Efficiency Ratio is EER = W/W (3.0), Max. input Consumption W (4000), indoor Air Flow m3/h (1400/1300/1000), indoor Noise Level very Low Hi/Mi/Lo = dB(40), indoor weight is20 kg. & outdoor weight is 60 Kg. Refrigerant or Gas R-410,compressor type-Rotary, Midea AC 2.5 Ton is included some uncommon feature for product superiority. For Example:, Eco-friendly Gas,R-410, Environmentally service, Turbo Mode Cooling, Auto Restart, Anti bacterial filter Type, Washable filter facilities, Double Auto swing system, White color indoor facilities, factory Refill Gas, original compressor (Hitachi or GMCC-Toshiba) and

simple fitting system, official Guarantee by Elite High Tech Industries, cutting-design, Anti Bacterial filer type, Dehumidification function for good weather, 100% Copper Condenser unit, Air Direction system, Remote System, WiFi Control, Quite maneuver, trouble-free moveable, Golden fin of Indoor and Outdoor unit, High ambient cooling ability, Wide voltage range 99~270V, i-Clean, Low-noise, Dry Mode, Bio Filter, Auto fan Speed, Mute Operation, Selectable Control Modes, Supreme Energy Efficiency, Lowest to 0.5W Standby, Dual-hose, Anti VOC filter, 3-in-1 Filter, Auto on Timer, Follow me function , Sleep mode and so on.

Midea 2.5 Ton Split AC is able to supply best service at the moment of the High Ambient temperature.. We are giving the unsurpassed and cost-effective Midea AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh all over the nation.  Perfect for personal or commercial purpose. It’s most trustworthy and reliable product due to superior cooling.

 Product Features:

High Density Filter

When compared to a standard dust filter, the high-density filter has the potential to boost the anti-dust impact by upwards of fifty per cent, and it can remove upwards of eighty per cent of dust and pollen.

3D Airflow

Using the slanted airflow, the directional air outlet travels mechanically in the horizontal as well as vertical directions, guiding the flow of air to fill every nook and cranny of the space with pleasant as well as refreshed air.

Hydrophilic Golden Fin

A one-of-a-kind anticorrosive golden coating has been applied to the condenser unit which allows it to resist the damaging effects of rain, salty air, among other factors.

Long-Distance Windblast

To sustain airflow for a longer period, the improved air duct design works in conjunction with the increased turbocharged fan rate.

Display Off Operation

I would want to switch off the display screen and the audiovisual equipment. The Midea AC can help you have a peaceful and pleasant sleep by allowing you to hit the mute function button.

Configuration of Wi-Fi (Optional) Integration of Intelligent Technology

 (Via smart Device)

Auto Restart Function: If you face lower temperature from your SET temperature then you Midea AC 2.5 Ton will be auto restart.

 Independent Dehumidification:  One of the components that assist increase the temperature in your room is the dehumidifying system. It is possible that it will eliminate undesirable insects from your region.

Cold Catalyst Filter: You can easily wash it, and it is capable of keeping a comfortable temperature in your space.

Louver position memory: Consistent air dispersion will be offered for greater ease of usage.

 Sleep Mode: The whole night, it constantly changes the surrounding temperature to give a pleasant sleeping atmosphere.

Turbo Mode Cooling Capacity: This, by improving the compressor’s performance, swiftly chills the room as well as gives reprieve from scorching sticky climate. This qualities are added in to Midea AC 2.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh for great consumer convenience.

 High Energy Efficient: EER makes use of state-of-the-art technologies to provide optimal cooling efficiency with minimal energy consumption. Using environmentally friendly goods or services also reduces power expenses.

 Silent Operation: It reduces noise levels during operation to provide a peaceful and comfortable indoor environment.

Temperature Compensation: Throughout the day, Midea AC 2.5 Ton effortlessly fits temperature changes in the space to give a cosy and enjoyable ambience.

LED Display: Featuring its great features and intuitive design, the LED screen boosts ease of use and management capacity, letting users simply change their cooling options.

Air purification Function: Through the assistance of a unique “Air Purification Function” operation, Midea AC 2.5 Ton contributes to keeping homes more pleasant by eliminating pollen, allergens, and other impurities from the air inside

.Auto Swing Louvers: and it with its automated oscillation, distributes cool air around the room to maintain a steady humidity.

Copper Condenser Coil: The “Copper Condenser Coil,” is a standout feature of Midea split AC 2.5 Ton and is well-known for its durability, efficiency in heat transfer, and corrosion resistance, all of which ensure permanent efficiency as well as reliability.

.Anti-Bacterial CoatingThe growth of mould, microbes, and various other potentially harmful microorganisms are kept at bay by the “Anti-Bacterial Coating” that is applied to the exterior of Midea 2.5 Ton Split AC in Bangladesh.

 Timer Function: It is advised for customers to set up automatic on/off or operation periods according to your own schedules.

Sleek Design: It complements many different types of furnishings with elegance because of its modern design and clean contours.

 Anti bacterial filters: Through the capture and elimination of harmful aerosols, it aims to enhance the air inside and promote a good environment.

 Washable filter: The filter is simplicity of removing & washing provides excellent air quality and convenience of upkeep.

Anti VOC filter: This adds to the decrease of interior gaseous organic substances (VOCs), consequently supporting a better standard of living.

3-in-1 Filter:  For better inside air quality by gathering dirt, pollen, and various other contaminants.

Air Direction Control: It may offer each location a customized degree of relaxation by reversing the course of the air.

Auto Swing: By use of motorized oscillation, the openings distribute air evenly, ensuring consistent cooling across the area.


Model No.      MSA -30CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Bangladesh, Spare parts China.
  Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 30000
W 2868
Coverage Space 280-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 1.7
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 1400/1300/1000
Outdoor M3/h 3500
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/5
Rated Current Cooling A 14.9
Power Consumption Cooling KW 3.9
EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) KW/KW 2.80
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 47/46/43
Outdoor dB(A) 60
Dimension(W*H*D) Indoor mm 1259×282×362
Outdoor mm 946×410×810
Net Weight Indoor Kg 15
Outdoor Kg 62
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 6.35/12.7(1/4’’/1/2’’)
Max Connection Pipe Length M 50
Max. Height Difference M 5
Permissible Range of Outdoor Temp ®C 18-50
Refrigerant R-410
Compressor Rotary – HITACHI