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Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh I MSI-24CRN

Original price was: ৳ 80,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 75,000.00.

  • Midea Corporation (China).
  • DC Inverter, Technology
  • 60% Energy Saving
  • Eco-friendly product service.
  • Turbo Mode Cooling.
  • Some Features: Auto Restart, Anti bacterial filter, Washable filter, Double Auto swing, White color indoor, factory Gas, original compressor of Midea.
  • Guarantee: 10 years Compressor & 1 year service with spare parts.
  • Installations: Installation Free in Dhaka (Metropolitan area).
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Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh

Midea Corporation is always craft or built newest technology Air Conditioner for individual or commercial use. Midea AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh is a well-liked cooling machine and its distinctive top selling item. Midea 2 Ton AC’s has some unique features for valued customers, For example: advanced eminence, ideal cooling capacity, most elegant features, toughness, minimum cost, Smart Dimension, cutting-edge machinery, washable Filter, Available parts, official warranty,  100% copper condenser Coil, Eco-Friendly Gas , Anti Bacterial Filter, Energy-Efficient, EER High.  Lower Noise Level and inverter Technology (Energy Saving) built. Our inverter AC 2 Ton is most higher energy saver from 50%-60%.

Item Description:

Midea inverter AC is an energy saving cooling device. Its can gives you best cofort and money savings. We are completely described Midea inverter AC 2 Ton Price in Bnagladesh with ins and outs. Its 100% BTU granted & 100% genuine copper condenser. (18000 BTU-British Thermal Unit) (Latest Model: MSI-24CRN. Product design and sustainability is excellent other than brand.It has excellent operation temperature adjustability in high ambient temperature. Its input Watt = 2250, Energy Efficiency Ratio is EER = W/W (3.15), Max. Input Consumption W (2800), indoor Air Flow m3/h (925/740/570), indoor Noise Level Hi/Mi/Lo = dB(45/40/33), indoor weight is14 kg. & outdoor weight is 40 Kg. Compressor is Rotary with inverter technology.

Midea Air Conditioning company always making newest innovative product for personal and commercial use.Here are included top class features list in Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh.For example: Inverter Technology (50% Energy Saving), Eco-friendly Gas,R31, Turbo Cooling power, Auto Restart Function, Anti bacterial filter type with Washable, Double Auto swing system, White or pearl color indoor unit , intact Gas, original compressor- Rotary type-

trouble-free installation manual , Official Guarantee , Sleek design, Dehumidification function, 100% Copper Condenser unit, Air Direction control, Remote control System, WiFi Control, Quite operation mode, easy moveable, Golden fin of Indoor and Outdoor, DC inverter, Prime Guard, Hydrophilic Golden Fin, Wide voltage range 99~270V, i-Clean, Low-noise design and so on. You can use it 250 sft. Space. We are providing the unsurpassed and cost-effective Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton in Bangladesh nationwide.

Midea inverter AC 2 Ton’s Features:

Wholesome filters
with the help of Midea’s fresco technology; you can enjoy clean, revitalizing air and the calming aromas of nature throughout your space.

Strengthened Diffuser
Three methods are used to increase ventilation efficiency and achieve precession wind direction control. Your surroundings is more pleasant thanks to our airflow control.

DC inverter
Compressors with inverter DC may lower power consumption and boost air conditioner efficiency, saving you money. Compared to an air conditioner with a compressor that runs continuously, this system is safer and more cost-effective.

Conserving Energy
A Midea inverter AC 2 Ton may reduce power use by up to 60%.

First Guard
In order to provide condensers with a more stable and long-lasting operating environment, Midea’s Prime Guard is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than standard fins. It can effectively stop germs from growing and proliferating and survive harsh conditions.

Hydrophilic Golden Fin

Rain, salt, and other types of corrosive substances can’t harm the compressor’s special anticorrosive golden coating.

High Density Filter

When juxtaposed with standard dirt filtering, the high-density-dense filtration’s anti-dust impact may rise by over fifty per cent, and it may eliminate up to 80% of dirt and allergens.

3D Airflow

Direction of Air flow everywhere the room with triangle style.

 Long-Distance Windblast

Prolonged inflow is produced by the enhanced air conduit layout working in tandem with the turbo fan’s velocity.

Display off Operation

Would desire to switch off the screen & AV. Your quiet as well as pleasant sleep may be enhanced by turning on the mute function of Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh.

 Wi-Fi Control (Optional) tidy Technology addition

(Via smart Device)

Auto Restart Function: The scheduled restart of your air conditioner occurs when the exterior mercury falls to the pre-set threshold.

Independent Dehumidification:  The dehumidifying feature aids in raising the room’s warmth. It could drive away undesired pests from your surroundings.

Cold Catalyst Filter: It may clean your space or maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Louver position memory: Consistent circulation dispersion will be offered for greater comfort and convenience of usage.

Sleep Mode: Whole night constantly change the cooling level but sleep mode can gives your high level comfort.

Turbo Mode Cooling Capacity: Turbo cooling capabilities can maximixe the cooling level of your space with very short time.So we love to  Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh cause to builted by this technology.

High Energy Efficient: EER employs state-of-the-art technologies to deliver optimal cooling efficiency while minimizing energy consumption. It also cuts power expenses with sustainable solutions.

Silent Operation: It guarantees a serene and comfortable indoor ambience by reducing the sound level during operation.

Temperature Compensation: The Midea inverter air conditioning system is designed to autonomously adapt to fluctuations in ambient temperature, ensuring a consistently contented and enjoyable environment throughout the day.

LED Display: LED display can improve the easy user experience with this facilities. Its called to controller of your Air conditioner.

Air purification Function: Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton use a sophisticated “Air Purification Function” to enhance indoor air quality by efficiently removing allergies, dirt, and other contaminants from your open air (room).

 Auto Swing Louvers:

By undergoing automatic oscillation, this device maintains consistent degrees by evenly distributing cold air across the area.

Copper Condenser Coil: Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is made by 100% copper with also condenser. It can strongly protect ACs leak and improved the durability.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: The mold, microbes, and various other potentially harmful organisms are prevented from growing on the exteriors of air conditioning units manufactured by Midea brand because of the “Anti-Bacterial Coating” that is applied to such areas.

Timer Function: Every customer wants to operate with very easy fuctioner with high level comfort.

Sleek Design: It complements many different types of furnishings with elegance because of its modern design and clean lines.

Anti bacterial filters: Its goal is to eliminate harmful aerosols and provide a healthier environment by enhancing the cleanliness of the indoor air. It can keeps your good health.

 Washable filter: It’s a good things for AC user due to some after days, you need to clean your Air conditioner filter.

Anti VOC filter: It helps to lower indoor aerosol volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which promotes a higher standard of living.

3-in-1 Filter:  Its need to improved room air quality gather dust, allergies, and others and it’s a protector for unhealthy facts.

Air Direction Control: Right Air direction can provide similar air in every space of your room.

Auto Swing: The louvers evenly distribute air by motorized oscillation, ensuring consistent cooling across the room.

Why you select Midea inverter AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh?

It’s a great choice for comfort. Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is ensure superior cooling performance for small or large area along with energy efficiency to cut down long-term electricity expenses. Midea’s trusted reliability  and durability, advanced Technology, DC inverter, Eco-Friendly Gas, Low Noise and quite operation, high ambient  temperature ability, Anti-bacterial filter with easy washable, Turbo cooling mode, Auto restart and sleep mode, 3D Airflow dimension and excellent customer support or after sale service make it a smart choice.   Our promised product or Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh is committed to provide satisfying cooling experience. Compressor is heavy duty service oriented.

Why you buy from us?

We are offering our esteemed customers effective and efficient service. Our esteemed clientele is content with the products and services we have provided. We are Bangladesh’s authorized Midea AC dealer, offering both sales and services. You can depend on our commitment. We have listed our benefits below. Our clients, both personal and business, have used our goods and services for many years. 

Quality and Accurate Product:

Our company has consistently delivered products with unmatched precision and quality. Every one of our goods and services satisfies the highest requirements for quality. Customers choose us when they want premium goods and services because they can rely on our dedication to accuracy and dependability.

Competitive or reasonable price:

Our business excels in offering goods at fair and competitive costs, guaranteeing affordability without compromising quality. We don’t demand excessive prices or accept unethical costs. With our unwavering value and open pricing, we provide our consumers the confidence to make wise purchases.

Wide range Product lines & facilitates

We always offered to customer broad product facilities and various types of OFFER facilities.  Various types of AC’s Model and service facilities is available in our online store.

Excellent customer Service:

Customer service is the key to Business. Our products and service is most reliable and attractive to valued customer for our dedication. On time or Just time service guarantee is our target.

Trust and credibility:

Credibility and trust are more than simply qualities; they form the basis of our whole philosophy. Our goal is to establish enduring connections with our clients by being trustworthy, honest, and dependable. We work tirelessly to meet and beyond expectations while maintaining our standing as a reliable leader in the field by being true to our commitment to integrity and responsibility. It’s our desire or loyalty.

Exclusive Dealer and Promotion:

.We mentioned that we are the Authorized dealer and Distributor Of Midea inverter AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh, So, our organization always provide various types of promotion for Discount at product and service.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

If we take all responsibility for your buying product, delivery and installation, then we provide reliable shipping all over Bangladesh at the perfect time. Our service team reaches to customer’s house or office within a very short time.

Transparent Policy:

The basic rule of business is transparency, which promotes trust and open communication with our esteemed clients. We think that everyone should have a smooth and reliable experience by giving them accurate and transparent information. There are no other unstated fees.

Positive Review and Testimonials:

If you plan to purchase something, you must consider how the buyer will respond. As a result, we value client endorsements and good evaluations as they demonstrate our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. Your comments encourage us to keep improving and going above and beyond your expectations, which strengthens our dedication to quality. You may quickly evaluate and inspect our merchandise.

Dimension of Midea inverter AC 2 Ton Wall Split AC (indoor & Outdoor)

Midea inverter AC 2 Ton dimension is the important subject because many people are used in interior room. So need the dimension for setting the Air conditioner.

Indoor Dimension or Size = (Inch) Width x Depth x Height =43 x 13 x 10

Outdoor door Dimension or Size = (Inch) Width x Depth x Height =46 x 17 x 13

Benefits of Midea inverter AC 2 Ton.

Competitive or Low Price:

It is not similar in terms of quality or durability. The majority of customers need high-quality products at affordable rates. “Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh” is one such device for extreme cooling. You won’t locate such kind of merchandise in our Bangladeshi AC market.

Product Superior quality:

For each product, product quality is a crucial consideration. In Bangladesh, we offer top-notch cooling services with our 2 ton Midea inverter AC. You will gain insight into the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton if you read our user reviews or feedback. These systems are precise to 24000 BTU and save 60% on energy. Inside and out, the product is precise and ideal for your house or place of business.

Advance Features:

Another significant or appealing aspect of the Midea 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) is its features. Premium features have the power to draw in customers. We may classify the Midea Air conditioner as a form of cooling equipment since users desire to utilize the newest and most innovative items.

After sale Service:

Our dedication to you doesn’t stop with the transaction; it just marks the start of our thorough after-sales care. We are always provide Official warranty or Guarantee to customer.  After finished your warranty we will care of your Air conditioner with some terms. For example: Compressor 10 years and free service 1 year.

Official Warranty:

We will provide you with a warranty card for your safe usage if you purchase an air conditioner from us. Your warranty will be activated by us. Do not purchase an air conditioner without a guarantee, please. It’s a crucial component for AC users.

Spare Parts availability :

These days, Midea Inverter AC 2 Ton from China is not significant. Bangladesh is where it is put together. We’ve put together a strategy. Thus, we can simply provide replacement components. It is thus a secure location to purchase air conditioners.

Easy installation:

The Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh will not affect you if you install your air conditioner correctly, giving you better performance. Our team of certified and professional experts will install your air conditioner correctly.

Wide range of Products:

Choosing a product from the newest models. You may choose the model you want from a variety of the newest or most popular air conditioner categories. We guarantee a large number of items that are enabled for your choice. For example:  Split AC, Inverter or Non-inverter Air conditioner (AC), 1 Ton – 2.5 Ton, Cassette AC from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton, Ceiling AC from 3 Ton 5 Ton, Duct AC from 4 Ton to 20 Ton, Floor standing AC from 2 Ton to 20 Ton. VRF Air conditioner from 10 Ton to maximum Tonnage. We are able to provide lot of Air conditioner for personal and commercial use.

Famous Brand:

Bangladesh’s best-selling product is the Midea Air Conditioner because of its affordable pricing and excellent quality. For quicker cooling and more energy efficiency, the majority of air conditioner consumers choose the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton. You will discover our viewpoint if you are looking for the greatest air conditioner on the market.

Energy Efficient or Energy saving:

The Midea inverter air conditioner is the most energy-efficient model. This place offers several excellent features and conveniences. Electricity savings of up to 60% are possible with the Midea 2 Ton AC inverter. It’s a major convenience in Bangladesh right now since only Midea Air Conditioner can provide the best quality Air Conditioner at the lowest price. You may buy this cooling equipment with total confidence and dependability.

Customer Service, After-Sales Support & Hotline Number

Customers are always given an official guarantee by Midea Air Conditioning Company; we never sell a product without one. If you have any issues, call our Midea Hotline at 16748. We have separate warranty conditions for the personal and business sectors. For instance, three years for business usage and five years for personal use.

We maintain your air conditioner with an annual service call after your warranty expires. Throughout Bangladesh, our committed, knowledgeable service provider provides assistance.

Cost vs. Quality

The Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is the best deal; you won’t find a better product at a lower cost than this one. Given the product’s quality and affordability, it has great appeal in Bangladesh’s AC market.
However, the quality of the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is superior. not similar to other things.

Price comparison of different model

You can compare with others Chinese brand, Like as: Chigo AC, Haier AC and Gree AC.  Midea is first choice for quality. Here are some Models with different price.

 Pros and Cons


  1. Efficient Cooling capacity.
  2. DC inverter (60% Energy Saving).
  3. Ultimate or smart Features
  4. Durability and longevity
  5. Comfortable use.
  6. 10 years Warranty.
  7. Environment Friendly weather at room.


  1. Highest cost than Non inverter.
  2. Regular Maintenance.
  3. After sale service costly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Midea inverter Ac 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh

Which company is best for AC inverter?

In Bangladesh, an inverter is a cutting-edge cooling system. In Bangladesh, Midea is a well-liked inverter air conditioner. It may save energy or money to the tune of around 60%.

 Which country made Midea inverter AC?

The parent company of Midea Brand AC is Midea Corporation, located in China. Midea Corporation, China is the manufacturer of Midea inverter ACs. However, Elite High Tech Industries assembles Midea AC in Bangladesh. They are Bangladesh’s manufacturer of Midea inverter air conditioners.

Which brand inverter AC is best in Bangladesh?

The majority of AC users want to utilize inverter ACs to save money or energy. Although there are several inverter technology companies in Bangladesh, not all of the goods are appropriate for consumers due to variables like product quality and pricing. In Bangladesh, Mdea offers the best inverter air conditioner at the most affordable price.

Is Midea AC an inverter?

Indeed, Midea offers air conditioners with inverter technology for both residential and business usage. In Bangladesh, Midea has the greatest energy-saving AC, saving up to 60%. With confidence and reliability, you may purchase and use the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh.

Which AC to buy in Bangladesh?

Which AC is the best, if you had to ask? or what is the greatest brand? Which air conditioner is purchased? Based on my own experience, I can recommend the Midea 2 Ton inverter AC for both home and business usage.

Is good Midea inverter AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh?

Yes, the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is a fantastic cooling device. It covers 240 square feet without requiring a top floor or congested area, and it has all the best characteristics for ideal cooling, including a DC inverter, 100% BTU capacity, and first-rate after-sale support.

Which AC is most energy saving in Bangladesh?

The most energy-efficient or energy-saving air conditioner (AC) is the Midea AC. There are several brands of cooling products in Bangladesh, however for consumer usage, the Midea inverter AC is unmatched. Product quality and pricing may be distinguished. It is exclusive to this brand.

What is the price of Midea inverter AC 2 Ton?

Cost is a consideration in developing nations. For instance, the majority of Bangladeshi consumers need affordable air conditioning systems of the best caliber. Therefore, I would recommend the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton, which has an MSRP of 85,000 taka but is now being sold for 75,000 taka. with a ten-year warranty.

Is good midea inverter AC for house or Home?

Indeed, both home and commercial applications are suitable for the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton. It is long-lasting and resilient. This product is unique from other brands in Bangladesh since it is made entirely of copper.

Lastly, based on our observations, we can state that the Midea inverter AC 2 Ton is the best-selling cooling appliance in Bangladesh. Specifications and characteristics of the product vary from those of other brands. This robust and energy-efficient inverter air conditioner is suitable for both home and commercial usage. You may get it from a reliable source as this authorized Midea AC dealer in Bangladesh offers the best product quality and service compared to other brands. Avoid comparing or contrasting.


Model MSI-24CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Join-venture BD & China.
  Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 24000
KW 7
Compressor Type Inverter
Coverage Space 220-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 1.2
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 850/6
Outdoor M3/h 2700
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/50
Rated Current Cooling A 9.6
Power Consumption Cooling KW 2.198
EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) KW/KW 3.20
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 42/23
Outdoor dB(A) 57
Dimension(W*H*D) Indoor mm 1090×235×338
Outdoor 845×320×700
Net Weight Indoor Kg 14
Outdoor Kg 51
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 15.90/15.90(3/8’’/3/8’’)
Max Connection Pipe Length M 10
Max. Height Difference M 10
Permissible Range of Outdoor Temp ®C 18-43
Refrigerant or Gas R-410
Compressor Rotary –Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA).


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