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Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh I MSA-18CRN

Original price was: ৳ 58,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 54,000.00.

  • Midea Corporation (China).
  • 100% BTU
  • Eco-friendly Service,
  • Turbo Mode Cooling.
  • Auto Restart, Anti bacterial filter, Washable filter, Double Auto swing, White color indoor, factory Gas, original compressor of Midea.
  • Guarantee: 5 years Compressor & 1 year service with spare parts.
  • Free installation in Dhaka (Metropolitan area)
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Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh

Intro: Midea is a selected most popular brand in Bangladesh. Originally, it’s from China. Worldwide midea Air conditioner (AC) is top most position brand as a Air conditioning and Home Appliance producer. Bangladeshi people also like to Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh for personal and commercial use. For example: Superior Quality, Perfect cooling capacity, world-class features, long life durability, cheapest price other and brand, smart look, cutting-edge technology, easy washable, spare parts able-ability, modern dimension, official warranty,  copper condenser Coil, Environment Friendly Gas (Eco-System) , Anti Bacterial Filter, Energy-efficient

Item Description:

Midea Air conditioner (AC) created won brand name in Bangladesh with its product quality and service. We are provided about Midea AC 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU-British Thermal Unit) (Model: MSA18CRN or MSG18CRN ) with explicitly. It Looks like is so smart and modern; it’s also adjustable with wall or interior design. Within a very short time, Midea AC can cool the required space efficiently. Its input Watt = 1600, Energy Efficiency Ratio is EER = W/W (3.15), Max. input Consumption W (2400), indoor Air Flow m3/h (820/630/550), indoor Noise Level Hi/Mi/Lo = dB(38/35/33), indoor weight is14 kg. & outdoor weight is 40 Kg.

Midea Corporation is included some uncommon distinguishes features, For example:  High Power Saving Unit, Eco-friendly Gas,R-410,Turbo Mode Cooling, Auto Restart, Anti bacterial filter, Washable filter, Double Auto swing, White color indoor, factory Refill Gas, original compressor (Hitachi or GMCC-Toshiba) and

Easy installation system, official Guarantee service, smart design, Anti Bacterial filer, Dehumidification function, 100% Copper Condenser unit, Air Direction control, Remote System, WiFi Control, Quite operation, easy transferable, Golden fin of Indoor and Outdoor, High ambient cooling, Wide voltage range 99~270V, i-Clean, Low-noise design and so on. Midea Air conditioner is able to provide service High Ambient temperature. You can use it 170 sft. Space. We are supplied the best and cost-effective “Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh” all over the country.  It is suitable for personal and commercial purpose.

Product Features:

High Density Filter

Compared with ordinary dust filter, the anti-dust effect of the high density filter can increase more than 50%, it can clean dust, pollen up to 80%

3D Airflow

The directional air-outlet moves automatically both horizontally and vertically, directing nice and cool airflow with the angle airflow to fill the every corner of the room.

Hydrophilic Golden Fin

The unique anticorrosive golden coating on the condenser can withstand the salty air, rain and the other corrosive elements.

Long-Distance Windblast

The optimized air duct design synergizes with the turbo fan speed to deliver longer airflow.

Display Off Operation

Want to turn off the AV and display. By pressing mute operation, Midea AC helps to give you a quite and comfortable night.

Wi-Fi Control (Optional) Smart Technology integration

(Via smart Device)

Auto Restart Function: This feature uses a lot of energy. Your air conditioner will automatically resume when the outside temperature drops to the predetermined level.

Independent Dehumidification:  The dehumidification component helps improve the temperature in your space. It may get rid of unwanted insects from your area.

Cold Catalyst Filter: It can keeps good weather your room and its easy washable.

Louver position memory: Reliable airflow distribution is being provided for increased comfort and ease of use.

Sleep Mode: All of the night, it continually adjusts the ambient temperature to provide a cosy resting environment.

Turbo Mode Cooling Capacity: which, by optimizing the compressor’s effectiveness, quickly cools the space and offers respite from hot, muggy weather. This features are incorporated in to Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh for high customer convenient.

High Energy Efficient: EER uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best cooling performance while using the least amount of energy possible. It also lowers electricity bills with eco-friendly services.

Silent Operation: It ensures a calm and cozy interior atmosphere by lowering noise levels while in use.

Temperature Compensation: Midea AC automatically adjusts to variations in room temperature to provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere all day long.

LED Display: With its excellent features and user-friendly interface, the LED display improves comfort and control capabilities, enabling customers to effortlessly adjust their cooling choices.

Air purification Function: With the aid of an innovative “Air Purification Function” feature, Midea brand air conditioners help make living spaces healthier and cleaner by removing allergies, dust, and other pollutants from the air within.

Auto Swing Louvers: which, by automatically oscillating, ensures constant temperature levels by dispersing cold air throughout the space?

Copper Condenser Coil: A highlight of air conditioners from the Midea brand is the “Copper Condenser Coil,” which is renowned for its longevity, effectiveness in heat transmission, and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing long-term performance and dependability.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: The “Anti-Bacterial Coating” that Midea brand air conditioners have on their surfaces prevents the formation of mold, bacteria, and other dangerous germs.

Timer Function: Users are encouraged to program automated operating or shut-off times based on their own preferences.

Sleek Design: Its sleek lines and contemporary design make it a graceful addition to a variety of home décor styles.

Anti bacterial filters: Its purpose is to improve indoor air quality and foster a healthier atmosphere by capturing and getting rid of dangerous airborne particles.

 Washable filter: Its ease of removal and cleaning guarantees effective air filtration and comfort of maintenance.

Anti VOC filter: It contributes to the reduction of indoor airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hence fostering an improved quality of life.

3-in-1 Filter:  to ensure improved indoor air quality by collecting dust, allergies, and other airborne particles.

Air Direction Control: It can change the airflow direction in every space to provide a personalized comfort level.

Auto Swing: The louvers mechanically oscillate, spreading air uniformly for steady cooling throughout the space.

Why you select Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh?

It’s a wise choice for several compelling reasons. Only, Midea AC can fulfill your comfort demand. Midea Air conditioner (AC) has vast distinguishing features. You cannot compare with another relevant brand for world-class technology and turbo mode cooling performance. Midea 1.5 Ton AC is need to 170 square feet space without crowded place, For example: Institute, Seminar Room, Mosjid and others like places. It’s perfect for personal room (Office or residence). It’s most effective and efficient product for cooling system. Midea Air conditioner is consisting of turbo cooling, energy efficiency, reliable build quality, quiet operation, user-friendly design, low cost and high quality, durability and longevity and so on. Our product compressor is heavy duty and after sale service is excellent.  You can choice this item for your personal and commercial use.

Why you buy from us?

Particularly, we contribute our total efficient Air conditioner (AC) sale and service all around the country. Our prominent customers are satisfied for our dedication. We have maximum experience near about 35 years in Bangladesh (personal and industrial field).Here is given some attribute of our Company at below:

  1. Quality and Accurate Product:

We always provide top-notch quality or fresh product. Product quality and accurate product is important factor. Accurate product refers to 1 Ton=12000 BTU and 1.5 Ton=18000 BTU. We do not sell lessen BTU product and sealed product. Our all products are more authentic and reliable.

  1. Competitive or reasonable price:

Price is factors for selling product. We do not impose over price and understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. Elevate your comfort with cost-effective options that meet your budgetary needs, making us your preferred choice for cooling solutions in Bangladesh. Its vast effective and most important for client.

  1. Wide range Product selection facilitates :

You will find various and lot of product for choice. There are exits various types of models. We have excellent product display place.

  1. Excellent customer Service:

Our customer service is most popular in Bangladesh. We have lot experience and expertise for provide best quality service. They provide superior quality service within very short time.

  1. Trust and credibility:

Without trust and credibility does not go your business?  We ensure the cooling system, where Trust and Credibility are the cornerstones of our commitment. As a leading Air Conditioner company in Bangladesh, we pride ourselves on transparent transactions, reliable products, and a track record of customer satisfaction. So, you can rely on our trustworthy product and service.

  1. Exclusive Dealer and Promotion:

As pioneers in the industry, we offer more than just air conditioners and service. Benefit from exclusive promotions and deals that make your purchase even more rewarding. We are authorized dealer of Midea AC in Bangladesh.

  1. Fast and Reliable Shipping:

We are committed to fast and reliable delivery or shipping at your house or office.  Our Carrying or delivery is in Dhaka by our pickup or Ven. On the other hand, outside delivery by Currier service (For example: Shundorbon, SA Poribohon). You can trust us to prioritize your comfort, delivering not just products but an efficient and seamless buying experience. With us, you can rely on timely deliveries, making your purchase hassle-free. Choose the assurance of quick and dependable shipping – because your comfort is our priority. Our experience is enough in Bangladesh,.

  1. Transparent Policy:

Transparency is more than a policy as our commitment to customer. We believe in clear communication, fair dealings, and honest practices every step of the way. With transparent policies, you’ll always know what to expect product details, pricing, or after-sales service. Elevate your cooling experience with confidence, knowing that transparency is at the core of everything we do.

  1. Positive Review and Testimonials:

Customer satisfaction is the prime goal for organization with your premier choice for Air Conditioners in Bangladesh. With glowing Positive Reviews and Testimonials, our satisfied customers speak volumes about our commitment to quality and service excellence. Join the ranks of happy customers who have experienced superior cooling solutions and unparalleled support from our team.  Product and service testimonial of customer can influence to sale and service.

Dimension of Midea 1.5 Ton Wall Split AC (indoor & Outdoor)

Midea AC 1.5 Ton dimension is the important subject because many people are used in interior room. So need the dimension for setting the Air conditioner.

Indoor Dimension or Size = (Inch) Width x Depth x Height =34 x 12 x 8

Outdoor door Dimension or Size = (Inch) Width x Depth x Height =31 x 12 x 22

Benefits of Midea AC 1.5 Ton.

  1. Low Price or Competitive Price:

Midea AC 1.5 Ton is the cheapest price in Bangladesh. You will not find similar quality product like as Midea 1.5 Ton split AC. Others similar brand price higher than Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh.

  1. Product Superior quality:

Midea Air conditioner (AC) 1.5 Ton Quality is excellent. It’s a top selling item. We know, Midea 1.5 Ton AC is used in personal room or individual office room. Very demanding product is the Midea AC 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU). Product efficiency and quality makes the difference to Midea Air conditioner than to others brand name.

  1. Advance Features:

Midea AC is made with smart or advanced features. Midea’s cutting-edge features and technology is ensure the super cooling quality and sustainability.  You will find here explained various features    which makes it different to other brand.

  1. After sale Service:

Midea AC is promise extends beyond the purchase, offering exemplary after-sales service. We are always provided our dedicated support by our expert and efficient technical team; customers can rely on timely assistance, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring continued satisfaction.

  1. Official Warranty:

Our all Products are Authorized and Official, we do not offer to customer Non-official or unauthorized product. We are Authorized Dealer and Distributor of Midea AC in Bangladesh. Every product contained a Warranty card.

  1. Spare Parts availability :

Midea Air conditioner is now assembled in Bangladesh, all spare parts come from China, but it is fittings in Bangladesh, So all spare parts are available in here. We can give spare parts any time for our availability.

  1. Easy installation:

Midea Air conditioner (AC) is easy to installation because all material is contained in packaged. You have to confirm the right installation technicians. It is more important.

  1. Wide range of Products:

We know, Midea Corporation is larger and top Air conditioner and Home Appliance manufacturer in the world. Theya have all categories Air conditioner for personal or commercial use, For example: Wall Split AC, Inverter or Non-inverter AC, from 1 Ton – 2.5 Ton, Cassette Type AC from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton, Split Ceiling AC from 3 Ton 5 Ton, Duct Split-from 4 Ton to 20 Ton, Floorstanding AC from 2 Ton to 20 Ton. VRF Air conditioner from 10 Ton to maximum Tonnage. You can select you demand from here.

  1. Famous Brand:

Midea AC is not only known brand but also it is most popular or famous brand, we are selling it in Bangladesh near about 7 years. So, you can buy it with confidently.

  1. Energy Efficient or Energy saving:

Midea AC is made by eco-friendly technology. Here are used Gas, R-410. It is healthy environment provide Gas, Compressor technology and product use facilities can gives the customer money save.

Customer Service & After-Sales Support

Midea AC customer service is superior quality; we have official Warranty or Guarantee. Here are two types For example: Personal use warranty and commercial use warranty. 3 years,5 years and 10 Years.  Our central Support Hotline: 16748.  Our warranty is different than others because our support teams are loyal and dedicated.

Cost vs. Quality

Midea Air conditioner is a most popular brand in Bangladesh. It has top distinguishing features form other than brand name.  Midea AC cost is very cheaper than others best Chinese Brand AC.

On the other hand, Midea AC quality is very high for longevity and durability.

Price comparison of different model

Midea AC Price is cheapest than others Chinese brand selling item in Bangladesh. For example: Haier, Gree, Carrier, O General or Tropical General.

Easy installation:

Installation materials are included in package. Midea AC installation is very easy.  Our all technicians or support team are very much efficient.

Pros and Cons


  1. Efficient Cooling.
  2. Low Cost.
  3. Energy Efficiency.
  4. Advance Features are included.
  5. Quite Operations.
  6. User Friendly design.
  7. Comfortable Cooling.


  1. Find out the real buyer.
  2. Regular Maintenance.
  3. Limited Service center all over the country.

Frequently Asked Questions For Midea Ac 1.5 Ton Price In Bangladesh

 Is Midea a good brand for AC?

Midea is a well-known and well-established brand that is widely available everywhere, including in Bangladesh. Idea provides a large selection of different types of air conditioners. It makes different to others brand due to its superior features and positive client reviews, it is one of the most well-known brands in the AC industry.

 What is the price of Midea 1.5 Ton AC?

Midea Air Conditioners (AC) consistently provides high-quality products and services at the lowest possible pricing. The cost varies according on the type and capacity as well. These are the newest personal and business products for maximum comfort. Our product cost is cost effective to customer suitable Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh.

 Which country made Midea AC?

China’s Midea Corporation is always developing new air conditioner models with innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Currently, Midea AC is put together in Bangladesh, although Midea Corporation in China provides all of the ingredients.

 Which AC is best for home use?

For residential usage, Midea Brand AC is the finest. Customers really like it because of the inexpensive cost and high quality of the product. Your house is usable with Wall Split AC. It’s a tiny room personal product.

Finally, we can say that Midea AC 1.5 Ton is a most popular cooler in Bangladesh. It has huge demand in personal or commercial purpose. Day by Day, increasing demand upwards for Midea’s low price and quality included world-class features in Midea AC 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh. Customer review and product feedback of Midea AC 1.5 Ton is excellent. We hope, it will be grateful to you. You may purchase it with great assurance.


Model No.     MSA-18CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Midea Corporation, China.
  Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 18000
KW 5.3
Coverage Space 150-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 1.7
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 680/440/350
Outdoor M3/h 2300
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/5
Rated Current Cooling A 8.8
Power Consumption Cooling KW 1.95
EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) KW/KW 2.71
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 43/40/35.5
Outdoor dB(A) 59
Dimension(W*H*D) Indoor mm 980×225×325
Outdoor 770×240×540
Net Weight Indoor Kg 10
Outdoor Kg 32
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 6.35/12.7(1/4’’/1/2’’)
Max Connection Pipe Length M 10
Max. Height Difference M 5
Permissible Range of Outdoor Temp ®C 18-43
Refrigerant R-22/410
Compressor Rotary – Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA)


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