Midea AC Price in Bangladesh 2023 I 2024

Due to the product’s superior quality and lower price, in addition to the brand, Midea is a top-selling air conditioner brand in Bangladesh. As a result, you may choose your home comfort with confidence and purchase Midea AC Price in Bangladesh. It offers top-notch, simple features and technical words. It is a well-known brand in Bangladesh as a result.

We are aware that it originates in China, however, it is now put together in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi manufacturer of Midea Brand air conditioners is Elite High Tech Industries. The demand for it is constantly rising each year. Midea offers a variety of air conditioners, including wall split, window, cassette, floor standing, duct split, dehumidifier, and VRF air conditioners. Residential items are the first segment, followed by commercial products.

People in Bangladesh did not use air conditioners before Midea arrived, but once it did, they started using them everywhere.

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Midea ac price in Bangladesh

Regarding Bangladesh’s Midea AC

Bangladeshis have a strong preference for lower pricing and greater quality. We bring it from China for that. A branch of the third   major apparatus manufacturer in the entire globe, the Midea Group, Midea AC Bangladesh has been providing top-notch climate control, freezing, as well as household goods to Bangladeshi households intended for a period of in excess of thirty years.

Among the pioneer in the kitchenware sector, Midea has the capacity to offer together Midea-branded as well as private-label items along with amenities of the highest caliber. Added to being able to import abroad, Midea offers reliable timely shipping as of accessible storage sites in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. Now-a-days, Midea is a top selling or popular brand for personal or industrial use.

মিডিয়া এসির দাম ২০২৩, মিডিয়া এসি প্রাইস ইন বাংলাদেশ, মিডিয়া এসি শোরুম ঢাকা

  The globe’s top maker of HVAC merchandise is Midea

 In order to adequately satisfy the demands of daily life at residence, at your job, or wherever you depart, Midea, either of them of the entire world’s businesses, offers the widest range of goods available. Chinese, American, Japanese, German, and Italian HVAC plants are part of Midea’s worldwide array of manufacturing locations.

The business’s yearly worldwide revenue generated by more than 52 million units attests to Midea’s position as the top producer of HVAC equipment in the whole globe. The firm produces a variety of machinery, such as cooled by air chillers, VRF systems, and DX separate systems (1kW to 70kW).

(25kW to 2000kW), Water Cooled Screw Chillers (365kW to 985kW), Air Handling Units (200 m3/hr to 240,000 m3/hr), as well as yes, the 7000 kW Centrifugal Chiller, which is perhaps the most cost-effective in the entire planet.

The prestigious Red Dot, iF, as well as Great Design accolades are just a few of the 40+ prizes given out year to Midea goods in contests for design throughout the globe. After introducing the first sustainable air conditioner in history, Midea earned the initial manufacturer to acquire the Environmentally Friendly Blue Star accreditation from the German environmental authority. After checking all maters you may buy Midea AC Price in Bangladesh.

Technology Humanization

We deliver specialized elucidations that leverage our profound awareness of the human condition because we adhere to “humanizing innovation,” which is made possible through the combined efforts of 52 years of superior mechanized along with the world’s top robotic along with computerization advancements.

In order to fulfill the continuously shifting demands of our clients as well as buyers, we go further than what is required to welcome what’s to come.

Our Mission Vision

 For its better-quality products and after-sale assistance, Midea Air Conditioners (AC) are in rising demand day by day. In Bangladesh, we anticipate that the Midea brand will hold a third of the market. Very obvious is our objective or aim.

Midea’s mission statement is “to offer surprisingly-friendly options for the ones who cherish those small pleasures of at residence” as well as has just unveiled its refreshed slogan: “Midea – render oneself at ease.”

In addition, Midea has won several notable contracts, such as the 2016 agreement to put cutting-edge HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems in each of Brazil’s 12 sporting venues. Midea is an ardent promoter of sports and the International Swimming Federation’s (FINA) passionate registered sponsor.

Having the goal of maintaining its status of being a rapidly evolving company and the steady growth that distinguishes a top-tier corporation, Midea is putting its plan into practice.

Used for the convenience of our customers, we wish to attempt to import a wider variety into Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a sizable as well as expanding souk for our products.

Using Midea’s ecologically conscious cooling systems, you can cut back on the price of power.

A+++  Rating for Energy Efficiency

Leading the pack are a few of the marketplace’s strongest goods: Midea air conditioners (AC). Our contemporary devices consume a lot less electrical power than the majority of competitors while still performing at a high stage. Despite being concerned about driving awake your power prices, you may have top-notch relaxation in your house.

Not only are air conditioning systems that are energy-efficient added advantageous fiscally, yet they are additionally healthier for the natural world. Our goods’ ecological imprint on the planet is significantly reduced as they use a smaller amount of power.

With us, you not solely save money on the price of electricity but additionally contribute to the effort to stop climate change.

Do you prepare to quit squandering funds and change to air conditioners (AC) that use less power?

Why choose Best Brand Midea AC price in Bangladesh?


A+++ device featuring Intelligent Conserve Innovation that may keep electrical energy use by as far as 60%.

Wi-Fi prepared

Utilize our Midea Air app on your Smartphone’s Android or 10S mobile to have complete control over your intelligent cooling system no matter where you are.


Our wall-mounting devices are guaranteed by a fantastic 7-year guarantee, which is a testament to Midea’s outstanding craftsmanship.


You may quickly control the humidity in the space with the use of 3 dimensional air circulation and Rapid Cooling technology.


A low how l may be heard when using a Midea air conditioning unit, which operates at barely 20dB of loudness. Perfect for sleeping well at nighttime.

Short History of Midea AC

The Midea brand, which began as a small manufacturing facility, has developed into the top manufacturer of cooling schemes worldwide. The goal of Midea is to optimize interior settings meant for the greatest likely quality of life, with an emphasis on technological advancement, Modernism, as well as exploration.

While an international innovator in air therapy, Midea takes delight in the creation of cutting-edge know-how to enhance as well as progress the lives of consumers via contemporary, practical, along with energy-efficient climate control solutions.

On an annual basis, Midea receives more than 40 style honours from several international intend competitions including Reddot, iF, and the devise Excellence Medal. Midea is the top climate control company in the entire globe as well as the largest exporter from China because of its powerful dream, which is based on creativity, excellence, along with style. So, it’s now more demand Midea AC Price in Bangladesh. Product price and quality are excellent compare to another brand in Bangladesh.

About Midea Group

Since its founding in China’s Guangdong Province in the year 1968, Midea has grown to include 15 foreign production facilities, more than 35,000 workers abroad, and 24 operational organizations, along with a worldwide footprint that spans more than 200 nations as well as territories with 22 settling monies. The Chinese electrical gadget maker Midea Group, with its headquarters in Beijiao City, Shunde Region, Foshan, Guangdong, including a listing on the Shanghai Securities exchanges, is ranked No. 312 in the 2023 Fortune Global 500 ranking.

Despite its humble beginnings within a small town class, Midea Corporation has developed into one of the world’s top manufacturers of climate control solutions as well as residential appliances. After 40 years of steady expansion, its worldwide revenue reached USD 18.7 billion in 2013. As a result, Midea employs more than 126,000 people globally along with Chinese.

The Midea is committed to generating worth via quick responses to marketplace requests, cost-effective business practices, in addition to loyal customers. In order to satisfy these expectations, Midea has a wide range of products alongside a sizable manufacturing facility. Offering a distinctive assortment of cutting-edge, yet reasonably priced goods, Midea’s combined explore in addition to production procedure contributes to enhancing communities throughout the entire globe.

In China nowadays, Midea is a well-known company. With industrial hubs in Vietnam, Belarus, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and India, the corporation is continuing to expand its activities internationally. These bases will be subsequently followed by other units. In order to provide greater support for restricted customers in those nations, Midea is also growing its set of connections of dealers there.

Having an eye toward the future, Midea continues to pursue its approach of seizing the chance to operate as a rapidly evolving company with the goal of ongoing development that is typical of an outstanding company. Midea is strongly committed to doing its part as a accountable company inhabitant in China as well as worldwide, along by means of its objectives for aggressive expansion.

Midea is dedicated to making people’s lives better by maintaining the ideal of “Building Worth for Clients.” On an annual basis, Midea prioritizes ongoing hi-tech advancement to enhance its goods as well as armed forces while making life better for its 400 million consumers, important clients, as well as important collaborators from a variety of industries.

A range of climate control solutions are available from Midea Air Conditioner (AC). To accommodate varied demands & pricing points, such schemes come in an array of dimensions, figures, & cooled capabilities. One of the best key features of Midea air conditioners (AC) is their ability to conserve vigor. It’s the best Brand for Midea AC Price in Bangladesh.

The company sells a range of energy-saving gadgets which are designed to consume fewer kWh as well as cut down on power expenses. Contemporary know-how is used in certain designs, such as inverter compressors, that adjust their cooling capacity in line with the environment as well as conserve electricity. Midea Air Conditioners (AC) have been praised for their durability as well as lifespan. The company exclusively employs top-quality divisions along with components to ensure that its products are sturdy to Bangladesh’s severe climate.Midea Air conditioner (AC) is best cooling device for better service in Bangladesh.

Yearly manufacturing aptitude exceeds 33 million dims, through one of the biggest including the newest CKD and SKD manufacturing facilities in addition to factories capable of producing greater than 3 million units. Midea domestic cooling systems have placed first in deals abroad over the past ten years, thanks to China’s largest AC (Air conditioner) industry chain, competent research along with development laboratory, as well as globalized production hubs.

What makes us the first?

Our Approach: Our primary strategic goals are as follows:

 Product dominance:  We are a market leader in our sector because of our high-quality goods and dedication to invention.

To be more efficient: Throughout the manufacturing line to leadership, we are motivated by effectiveness.

Global presence: We serve clients in more than 200 nations and operate manufacturing plants as well as foreign activities all over the planet.

Product guarantee: The product has a 5-year official guarantee in Bangladesh.

Why Midea AC is best in Bangladesh?

Midea air conditioners (AC) in Bangladesh use a copper-built evaporator coil, which makes them greater in effectiveness as well as uses fewer electrical powers. It offers current, environmentally friendly, as well as tidy functions such as air direction manage, asleep approach, artificial CRF warning along with so on. This cooling machine is incomparable in Bangladesh  for own ultimate features, as a result, you may think to buy Midea AC Price in Bangladesh.

The device does needs no extra stabilizers to function. It employs an environmentally gracious gas and a leakage detection device, which quickly shuts off the air conditioning if any contamination is found. Midea AC’s know-how based on sensors is available. It detects as well as responds to your demands by itself, with capabilities such as an automatic-on as well as automatic-off timer, automatic move back and automatic reset, automatic vent velocity, and automatic operation. With its AG Micro filtration technological advances, it additionally provides cold air other than additionally disables germs as well as viruses and stops them from growing.

I  think,It includes an outside device as well as an elegant, built wireless remote for simplicity of use. On the internet, multiple volume types with varying BEE ratings for Midea air conditioners (AC) are offered. You may explore as well as select one that meets your demands as well as specifications. Whenever you order on the internet, you get a slew of advantages, including effortlessly deliverance to your door.

Midea Air Conditioners (AC) Which Keep You Cool

When the temperature is unbearable, the sole appliance that will maintain you and the people around you cool is a cooling device. Midea air conditioners (AC) can assist you through this process. Midea cooling systems include a slew of outstanding characteristics, including an ‘Ag+ Nanotechnology Filter’ that eliminates hazardous pathogenic microorganisms as well as germs including a slumber manner option. We’ve included some of them listed underneath:

The skill of Ag+ Nanoparticles Filtration

The sterile effects of gray particles are well recognized. A Midea air conditioner (AC) uses this metallic feature to maintain you healthier. They’ve added an AG+ Nanotechnology Filter, which not only eliminates hazardous pathogenic microbes as well as viruses but additionally prevents them from ever replicating.

Sleeping Approach

Who wants to get out of bed in the wee hours of their sleep to change the thermostat or turn off the air conditioner (AC)? Midea AC will regulate the outside hotness in this setting to guarantee you have pleasant, undisturbed slumber. There is no longer getting up to find the television remote. Simply engage your slumber setting as well as snooze quietly throughout the course of the nighttime.

High Definition Filter

Midea air conditioners  (AC)include a higher-density filter for air that delivers better filtering by eliminating bits of dust along with other contaminants with superior efficiency than standard filters. When there is less sand, filth, germs, as well as various additional contaminants in the atmosphere, you enjoy a healthier life.

Simple Setup

Midea’s all-easy range offers a sturdy setup panel with pipe as well as electrical connecting grooves or hooks. This reduces the time needed to finish the set up operation.

Instructions for increasing the competence of Midea Air Conditioner

Before anything else, it’s important for you to comprehend which components influence  Midea AC’s cooling effectiveness. The length of the heating system in the space is the initial factor influencing how much cooling effectiveness of your Midea Corporation AC. In layman’s conditions, we’re talking about the extent to which sunshine your room gets as well as for how long it gets it.

The fewer hours, the greater. The following consideration is the room’s soundproofing. The very previous obsession you want is that every one of the cold air to escape via inadequately closed windows as well as door frames. Be alive cautious while maintaining them covered. Otherwise, your “Midea AC price in Bangladesh” is going to work too hard as well as your power cost will skyrocket.

If You Want to Get Your Media AC? 

Anyone may get your Midea split and window AC online store from your favorite e-retailer buying websites simply relaxing at home. This allows you to contrast pricing, discounts, as well as styles before making an educated choice regarding the buy. Several of these kinds of online merchants provide gratis shipping to your residence.

You may also create use of the package go back service if the item you got needs to be repaired. You may also have peace of mind knowing that all of the deliveries can be monitored. So, which things are you holding out for? Go up to a reputable online retailer as well as purchase your Midea AC Price in Bangladesh, now.

What types and capacities of Midea air conditioners are available?

If you want to attempt to chill a space, consider the space’s dimensions, the number of heating sources, the typical hotness of the area, the figure of windows in the space, as well as the areas accessible to sunlight. These variables influence the fundamental laws of physics. Midea air conditioner (AC) systems provide effective cooling by taking into account numerous essential aspects.

Midea Air conditioners can be purchased in a variety of sizes ranging as of single Ton to 2.5 Tons that provide superior cooling efficiency. The extensive variety of capacity guarantees that Midea ACS is suitable for a variety of bedroom layouts. Midea makes Window ACs as well as Split Air Conditioning Units to meet a variety of locations. Midea does not produce portable air conditioners.

Is Midea a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner (AC) Manufacturer?

Under the BEE ISEER Energies competence EER range Certification Chart, many Midea Air Conditioners (AC) have a 4 or 5-star energy effectiveness rating. This indicates that the power expenditure of these air conditioning units can be reduced by 35%. Midea air conditioners are also outfitted with sophisticated circuitry including onslaught themselves filters, which further reduces power use. This drastically reduces total electrical energy use.

 Are Midea Air conditioners (AC) Inverter or Non-inverter?

While non-inverter ACs are initially less expensive, inverter ACs provide effective cooling and save electricity. Midea manufactures both kinds, but because of growing demand, it concentrates more on inverter versions even though it also provides reasonably priced non-inverter choices. Subsequently, You may agreed with us for buy Midea Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

Product line of Midea Air conditioner (AC)

Midea Air conditioner (AC) has enormous product line. Customer choice or selection is important for product. For that reason, Midea Corporation innovate verities categories product for personal and commercial use. We can ensure our product quality and verity is excellent for best buy Midea AC Price in Bangladesh latest.

A.Midea Window AC:

Midea Window AC is the primary level and single unit device product. All components and parts are included in one box or casing. It’s installed or fitting in window. Now, Midea Window AC is less demand and cheapest price.

B. Midea Wall Split AC:

For every consumer, wall-mounted split air conditioners are a highly desired product. Both an indoor and an outdoor unit are included. There is a refrigerant pipe connection connecting the two units. One kind of air conditioning system that is often used for cooling home and commercial spaces is the wall-mounted split air conditioner.

Wall Split is divided into two categories

Midea Wall Mounted split Air conditioner is most popular product. Wall Split has huge demand in the personal or commercial purpose. For that reasons, Midea Corporation developed two type’s products, inverter and non-inverter.

1.Midea AC Non inverter:

Non-inverter Air Conditioner (AC) is a common or all-purpose item. There are no energy-saving technologies included here. It uses outdated technologies.

2. Midea Inverter AC:

The finest energy-saving or efficient air conditioner is the Midea inverter AC. Highest technology air conditioner from the Midea brand. There are many clever features and technologies here.

3.Midea Cooling inverter AC:

Midea AC offers a variety of product types. All they have is inverter-based cooling technology. You will only receive energy-efficient cooling services.

4. Midea Hot and Cool inverter AC:

Included is a Midea air conditioner with an inverter series that can operate both hot and cold. It’s a product with higher requirements. The majority of customers want to purchase this item.

C. Midea Cassette AC:

The Midea Cassette AC is a less household or commercial device. It is an inside unit of esquire size with 4-way air service. Typically, cassette-type air conditioners are sold commercially. It starts at 1.5 tons and goes up to 5 tons for air conditioners (AC).

D. Midea Ceiling Type AC:

Another commercial item is the Midea Ceiling Air Conditioner (AC). Its air service provider for one-way cooling. The ceiling air conditioner is mounted in the floor ceiling rather than the wall. Midea Ceiling AC ranges in size from 3 to 5 tons (3phase).

E. Midea Portable AC:

The Midea portable air conditioner is available as a single unit or as a complete home appliance. The demand for Midea portable AC is rising daily. It’s the cheapest AC as well.

F. Midea Floor Standing AC:

One other high-maintenance air conditioner is the Midea Floor Standing AC. It may be used for business or personal purposes. Floor-type ACs range in capacity from 2 to 20 tons.

G. Midea Duct Split AC:

The Midea Duct Split AC is a fully functional business item. It may be used for several purposes. Both an indoor and an outdoor unit are included. It must have ductwork. Go from 4 to 20 tons at first.

H. Midea VRF AC:

The newest air conditioner brand in Bangladesh is called Midea VRF AC. There are many interiors      and one outdoor. It is available for both personal and business usage.

 Prose of Midea air conditioner (AC)

Midea’s  prose is unparallel due to non-comparable. Step by step you will see all advantages of Midea Air conditioner. It’s built for her won strength. We are explained some steps of prose of that at bellow.

  • Midea Air conditioner (AC) is built with 100% copper Condenser.
  • Midea Air conditioner (AC) is Official Guaranteed product.
  • Midea Air conditioner (AC) is cheaper than others brand in Bangladesh.
  • Midea Air conditioner (AC) is easy installation manual with packed fitting accessories.
  • The Midea Air Conditioner (AC) outperforms any standard AC manufacturer in the world.
  • Midea Air Conditioners (AC) is relatively competitively priced when compared with competitors such as Daikin, Gree, Haier, Carrier, Samsung and Hitachi.
  • Midea Air Conditioners (AC) are offered in a wide range of configurations, including Wall split, window, portable, Cassette, Ceiling, Floor-standing, Duct Split and VRF.
  • Midea air conditioners offer to small, lightweight, industrial and simple to maintain.

We have lot of Midea AC’s Advantages for purchaser happiness, and then see the cost for more affordable. And hence, Midea AC price in Bangladesh is top keyword in BD search.

Cons of Midea air conditioner (AC)

  • Low level of refrigerant
  • Frozen evaporating coil
  • Contaminated capacitor coils
  • Fan problems
  • Leaking ducts
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Clogged pipes

Ultimate Features of Midea AC in Bangladesh:-

While every air conditioner (AC) has certain characteristics, Midea AC goes above and beyond with certain unique features that are designed to ensure customer pleasure. These are not available under other brands. Accordingly, you will discover the following step-by-step:

Inverter Technology: Inverter AC’s character are Energy Saving, Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly and high budget than non-inverter. It’s huge demand in Bangladesh.

Remote Control: It’s a device to control the Air conditioner.

Timer Function: Timer function is a great facility for Ac user. It allows users to plan for automated operation, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

Sleep Mode: progressively adapts the temperature throughout night to provide a pleasant sleep.

Turbo Mode: It’s another facility to user. Because it used quickly cools or heats the room for immediate comfort.

Auto Restart: Air conditioner will be auto restart after the previous settings. It can keeps the same temperatures of your room.

Air Purification: Midea Air conditioner (AC) has develop their AC’s  Air Purification systems for customers comfort. All versions include air purification filters that eliminate allergies, dust, and smells.

Quiet Operation: Midea AC’s noise level is minimum other brand. intended to produce the least amount of noise possible while in use, creating a calm atmosphere.

Multi-directional Airflow: makes sure the air in the room is distributed equally, whether it is heated or chilled.

Energy Saving Modes: provides a range of settings to optimize energy utilization according to user requirements.

Dehumidification: Dehumidification is great things for AC’s user because it can provide good weather and keep good household product.  It helps improve comfort levels by removing extra moisture from the air.

Self-Diagnosis: This function is developed to diagnose problems on your own or to detect problems and solve them on your own.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables consumers to utilize Smartphone applications to remotely operate and monitor the air conditioner.

Eco-friendly Refrigerants: reduces its influence on the environment by using ecologically friendly refrigerants.

Sleek Design: Modern and chic designs that go well with a variety of home design styles.

Low Voltage Operation: ability to function well even in situations with low voltage.

Wide Operating Range: works well under a variety of atmospheric temperature conditions.

Child Lock: protects settings against unintentional alterations, guaranteeing safety in homes with young children.

Finally, we can say that Midea Air conditioner (AC) has lot of another world class features to more comfort or customer satisfaction. We are disclosed above some common features. These features are different from other thand brand. You can buy this product without hesitation. Product logibity, technical specification, perfect BTU, 100% copper condenser and super quality after sale service is key to Midea AC price in Bangladesh.

Is Midea a good brand for AC?

Yes, Midea is a trusted brand for air conditioners, offering reliable performance and user-friendly features, making it a preferred choice for many consumers.

Which country made Midea AC?

Midea air conditioners are manufactured in China, where Midea Corporation, the company behind the brand, is headquartered. The company has production facilities and operations primarily based in China.

Where is Midea brand made?

Midea AC is origin in China but now it is assembled in Bangladesh.

Does Midea AC have inverter?

Yes, many Midea AC models come equipped with inverter technology, offering energy-efficient operation by adjusting compressor speed to match cooling demands, resulting in reduced energy consumption and quieter operation compared to non-inverter models.

What is the rating of Midea company?

Midea Air conditioner (AC) has a rating. It has 4 Star amd 5 Star Rating product.

Is Midea made in China?

Yes, Midea AC is Made in China, but now it is assembled in Bangladesh.

Is Midea energy efficient?

Yes, Midea AC is hug energy efficient Air conditioner.

Who are Midea competitors in China?

Everywhere has the competition, So here are also the competition with them Gree, Haier, Daikin and Carrier.

To end with, Midea Corporation is the top manufacturer of Air conditioner with some home appliance. Now, It is most popular in Bangladesh for product quality, durability and longevity. We are providing super quality after sale service all around the country. You will find here all kinds of Midea Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Buy Midea AC with confidently and trustworthy.

Best Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

Best Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

Air Conditioner is most essential part of Comfortable life. We are the largest Air conditioning (AC) Company in Bangladesh with reasonable price. Our imported Ac is General Ac, Carrier Ac, Midea Ac, Chigo Ac, Samsung Ac, LG Ac, Gree Ac, Daikin Ac, Sharp Ac, Toshiba Ac and Mitsubishi Ac.

You will find here all kinds of best Air Conditioner in Bangladesh with reasonable price. After sale service is distinguishing other than company in Bangladesh. Here is top quality service provider in Bangladesh. Every single Air conditioner in Bangladesh is our imported.       www.aircon.com.bd  is not local importer. We are the certified importer of Air conditioner in Bangladesh. You will find here all kinds of Air conditioner information, installation process and supporting idea. We will discuss about our world first brand name at below for your consideration.


General Air conditioner in Bangladesh

General AC:  Fujitsu General Ltd, Japan is the leading Air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturer in the world. Before many years ago they are start export General Air conditioner in Bangladesh. We are the Authorized Dealer and importer of General Air conditioner in Bangladesh with cheapest price. Our selling products are General Wall Split Air conditioner (AC), General Window Air conditioner (AC), General Split Cassette Air conditioner (AC), General Split Ceiling Air conditioner (AC), General Duct Split Air conditioner (AC) and VRF System Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Here are three category products, For example:

  1. Individual or Personal Air conditioner.
  2. Light Commercial Air conditioner.
  3. Commercial Air conditioner.

Here are explain at below: 

  1.  Individual or Personal Air conditioner: Which is used in personal purpose, like as: Window Ac (1    Ton, 1.5 Ton & 2 Ton), Wall Split Ac (1 Ton, 1.5 Ton & 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton),
  2. Light Commercial Air conditioner: This is used to light commercial purpose, office, factory and     other open space. Split Ceiling Ac, Split Cassette Ac and Duct split Air conditioner.
  3. Commercial Air conditioner: This is use for full commercial space factory or commercial     building.   VRF System Ac and large size duct Air conditioner.

So, we can say with trustworthy that we are best Air conditioner supplier in Bangladesh