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General Ceiling Type Ac 4 Ton Price in Bangladesh I ABG-45ABA

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  • Fujitsu General Ltd of Japan Made in Thailand.
  • British Thermal Unit Tested.
  • Own-Imported, Since 1983.
  • Super Energy Efficiency Ratio.
  • Power Saving Mode.
  • Negative air ions deodorizing filter.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Intelligent Eye.
  • Self Diagnosis system.
  • Auto Clean and Washable filter.
  • Deodorizing Function.
  • Air Purifying Function.
  • General Ac Showroom in Dhaka – Chittagong – Sylhet.
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     General Ac price in Bangladesh

We know Fujitsu General Ltd is the leading Air Conditioner and Home Appliance producer in the Japan. They are established many factory in the worldwide. We are the import from Thailand because of Fujitsu General Ltd build factory in there for South Asian region. They have product service reputation in the world. In our Bangladeshi people’s mind, “General Air conditioner” is the best from other Air conditioner.  We are Distributor of General Ac price in Bangladesh near about 30 years. We are providing with 100% confidently in order to that it is the original General Air conditioner in Bangladesh. “General Ac” is the eco-friendly or environment friendly Air conditioner in Bangladesh. General 4 Ton Air Conditioner is sell in industry because of it is also Industrial Air conditioner. It has perfect features and technical information.

   General 4 Ton Ac price in Bangladesh

Product Description:-
General is the higher quality and long run use Air Conditioner in Bangladesh. Maximum buyer wants to buy General Ac for high comfort and user friendly.  www.aircon.com.bd is the online store of “General Ac price in Bangladesh”. We have lot of product of “General Ac”. General 4 Ton ceiling Ac price in Bangladesh is the high selling item because it has top customer reviews in industry sector. Air Flow and cooling system is the excellent from other brand. Super quite function and long piping length is the different advantages of General 4 Ton Ac in Bangladesh. Power saving and Dehumidification function is another reward of General Air Conditioner. Fujitsu General always made top quality Air Conditioner for user by various facilitates. “General” is not Bangladeshi Brand it is also global brand Air conditioner company. You will find here all category “Ac price in Bangladesh” with General brand. We have General Ac showroom in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna with gloriously.

Key Features of General 4 Ton Ceiling Ac :-

  • Comfort born by Fusion.
  •  High-power DC motor.
  •  Realizing high-power air flow.
  • Healthy horizontal air flow.
  • Powerful vertical air flow.
  • Larger Fan.
  • Corrosion Resistant Body.
  • High Airflow for better cooling.
  • High lift Drain pump.
  • Piping Length: 20M.
  • Up/Down Swing Flaps.
  • Program Timer.
  • Anti corrosion treatment for ODU.
  •  Large Heat exchanger fins.
  • Automatic airflow adjustment.
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Weekly+ setback Timer.
  • Wireless Remote controller.
  • Inner groove Copper tube.
  • Powder coated out-door unit.
  • Compressor insulation Blanket.
  • High efficiency design by 2 stage structure.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • 2-Way Airflow System.
  • Improvement of the Airflow Distribution.
  • Suitable for High Ceiling.
  • Extremely Quiet.
  •  Dehydrating function.


Origin Fujitsu General Ltd (Japan)
Assembled by  Thailand
New Modle AUG45AB
Exact BTU 45000
Coverage Space 400 (sft)
Energy Saving Unit  Smart Technology.
Star Rating * * * * *
Cooling Capacity 1 12400 (Watts)
Cooling Capacity 2 42310 (BTU/hr)
Moisture Removal 5.5 (Ltr/hr)
Airflow- High 1 1088 (M3/h)
Airflow- High 2 1850 (cfm)
Power Supply 380-415/3/50 (Volts/Q/Hz)
Running Current AMP 8.1 (Amps)
Power Consumption 4.45 (Watts)
EER 2.85 (w/w)
Indoor Unit Net Weigh 48 (Kgs)
Outdoor Unit Net weight 110 (Kg)
Noise Level (Indoor Unit) 37 (dB)
Pipe Length Maximum 50(20) - m
Operating Temperature 55 Deg.C
Refrigerant R - 22 (Gas)
Compressor Scroll Compressor (Japan)
Warranty 2 Year compressor and 1 year Free Service with spare parts Warranty. (Not Dust Clean).


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