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Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC price in Bangladesh I MCA-24CRN

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  • Midea Corporation (China).
  • British thermal unit Tested.
  • Power Consumption High.
  • Higher-EER.
  • Turbo Cooling Mode.
  • Midea Brand Product.
  • Leakage detector.
  • Dehumidification able.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Follow me function.
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Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC price in Bangladesh

Midea Air conditioner (AC) is a most renowned and recognizable creation in the world. Midea Air conditioning system is constantly let go unsullied innovated high cooling power and smart looking cooler. Its from in Guangdong, China. Here, you will discover the Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC Price in Bangladesh. It’s a personal or industrial cooling apparatus.

We are the certified Dealer, Distributor of Midea AC in Bangladesh (BD). Constantly, increasing demand of the Midea AC in the whole country. We know that Midea Air conditioner is a cost effective and environment friendly cooler.R-410 Gas or Refrigerant is used for healthy environment. This is a best Chinese AC or Cheapest price AC in Bangladesh. Product robustness and longevity is the key of the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton. Due to its precise functionality and technical information, Midea 2 Cassette AC is the top pick for most new buyers in Bangladesh. It’s perfect for decorated House (because it’s Single Phase AC), Shop, Office, reception, personal room and others commercial or personal space.

Midea Cassette Air Conditioner (AC) is admired cooler for twice individual or industrial. It’s a 4-way Air Flow contributor of the effective cooling system. In BD, it is a dependable and trustworthy cooling device. Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC is a wide-ranging cooling Airflow service provider.

Midea Cassette Air conditioner is a widespread cooling service provider at space. It’s comprised by two units; one is the indoor unit and others are outdoor unit. Indoor unit is the squire shape and its hang on ceiling. Midea Cassette AC is start from 18000 BTU to 60000 BTU.

Product Description:

Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC is energy Rating A++ of the cooling mode and SEER rating is 6.50 cooling and SCOP is also 4.0. Latest Model Midea Cassette AC is MCA-24CRN and this is Single Phase AC. Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton is 360-degree Air circulation Airflow provider at every where your space. Its powerful incorporated condensation pump increases effectiveness. The inside of the unit’s shutters can be individually adjusted by users with the remote control, allowing them to personalize their level of ease. This cooling system operates quietly even at -15 °C and offers a wide variety of temperatures for versatile use.

Midea Cassette AC is installed your ceiling, it’s able to provide efficient Cool Airflow everywhere your room. The company extends its offers to a range of retail locations, including workplaces, retailers, showrooms, pubs, restaurants, hotels, school-colleges, and universities. Numerous climate control and heating needs can be satisfied by a Midea cassette air conditioner.

Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton is Input Watt (2550), Rated Current Watt (12.70), Energy Efficiency Ration-EER, W/W (3.84), Power Consumption Watt (3470),Compressor Rotary, High level indoor Air flow, m3h 1400/1200/950, Low level Noise indoor(dB(A) 38 & Outdoor 58, Refrigerant type R410 (eco Fridley service). Many top-notch features for quick cooling and extended endurance are available here. The Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton’s endurance and low cost are its primary features.

Why you select to Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh (BD).

There are several strong reasons to choose the Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC for first cooling. First of all, even in bigger areas, its remarkable cooling capacity guarantees efficient temperatures adjustment. Second, Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton is dedicated to energy efficiency is in line with the demand for affordable and environmentally friendly cooling solutions. Furthermore, the Cassette AC 2 Ton is cutting-edge features and highly sophisticated technology guarantee excellent functionality and simplicity. In addition, Midea AC is track record of dependability and toughness inspired faith in the product’s long-term effectiveness. Its quiet functioning and elegant design add to its allure, allowing it to blend in with any setting without drawing attention to itself. In the Bangladeshi AC market, the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton turned out to be the best option overall due to its unique blend of power, efficiency, innovation, and dependability. Consequently, I can say that it’s a wise decision to Buy Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC price in Bangladesh.

Features of the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh.

The function that lets us utilize the most beneficial amenities is the best thing about the cooling system. The Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC is suitable for both residential and business use. It is two part, one is indoor and another is outdoor.  Several benefits distinguish the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton from competitors in Bangladesh. Here are given below for your consideration.

 Integrated Drain Pump:
The drain can elevate the condensing water by up to 750mm.

Adjustable wind speed:
Every one of the four air outlets can be individually modified for customized relaxation.

Extremely Sleek Style:
Now that it is substantially slimmer, the tiny cassette takes considerably less space when installed.

CoolSurround 360:
The unit’s auto horizontal swing and parallel swinging features guarantee a more comfortable and seamless airflow, enhancing the circulation of air in the entire area.

Enhanced Electric Box:
Easier to upkeep and more resistant to fires.

Clean Air:
Fresh air from outside can enter the house through a connecting conduit, improving the air purity overall and creating an improved atmosphere.

Automated Restart:
When power returns, the air conditioner will swiftly resume at its prior mild setting if it abruptly stops running due to an energy interruption.

8°C warming:
By keeping the temperature at 8°C in heating mode, the house is shielded against freezing pipes, houseplants, and extreme cold during the winter. This arrangement is particularly suitable for extended periods spent away from home.

Fresh air in the Internet:
Air can be supplied through an extra vent duct, guaranteeing that the air-conditioned area is always filled with clean, pure air.

360-degree flow:
The approach provides a remarkably bright and airy circulation that ensures a uniform temperature distribution through the space.

An actor-spectator (optional):
To ensure the highest possible levels of ease, the appliance detects when people are present in the space and modifies power output appropriately.

The merger operation:
Outstanding cooling systems turn themselves off to save harm when they sense excessive temperatures. In these situations, the system enters emergency mode to ensure that it continues to function while the indoor unit communicates an error.

Filter-in condensed pump:
A maximum discharge height of 750 mm can be reached by the condensate thanks to the integrated condenser pumps.

Lithium-ion battery:
An exterior security system is triggered when the air cooling system detects a problem, causing it to automatically shut off.

Lover memory
whenever the air chilling machine was shut off, the ambient temperature was tracked, so when it was put back on, it did so mechanically.

Relevant leak detection:
The Midea 2 Ton Cassette Ac will immediately stop working and display the error code “EC” if a refrigerant leak is found. This device guards prevent potential damage to the air conditioner compressor from excessive heat brought on by gas leakage.

Wicked Control (optional):
The cable controller can be firmly mounted to the wall for an everlasting controlling option.

Internal Auditing (optional):
With an aggregate link distance of 1200 meters, the multipurpose centralized management unit is capable of controlling 64 internal units.

The breeze’s impact eliminates the feeling of circulation from the air conditioning system by ensuring a uniform flow of air and protecting room inhabitants from direct sunlight.

The Following:
The thermometer built into the control unit detects the outside temperature of the air around it to enable the system to deliver the best possible temperature control.

Emреrаturе Investigation –
By addressing potential warm differences between the regulated area and the inside fan’s height, this function ensures more accurate temp management.

Low ImbĖеnt Lighting –
The external fan’s velocity adjusts itself based on the condenser temperature thanks to a specifically designed PCB and an incorporated low ambience kit. This allows cooling to continue to work at -15°C.

Adaptable Remote Supervisor –
Customers may set up fundamental operations with easily navigable options on the remote controller, and remove superfluous ones based on their tastes.

The suture root function
when power returns after a power loss, the system will immediately resume using its pre-existing preferences and configuration.

Dual Combination: By connecting one outdoor unit to two interior units, the units can be set up as a dual system, which efficiently spreads the entire system’s workload throughout a wider area.

W-F Ready:
A few models in this group come equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which enables you to use an app on your smartphone or tablet to remotely control the cooling system at any moment and from any location.

LED Display

A large LED screen within the unit provides precise data on how the air cooling system is operating.

What makes us the greatest?

Some attributes makes grate to anything’s. In the same way, We have a few aspect which is makes us grate to AC buyer in Bangladesh. We are explained some advantages for buyer consideration are as follows at bellow:

  1. Superior Goods and Services: 

We are the Authorized Dealer of the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh (BD). Accordingly we are able to provide superior quality and QC Passed Air conditioner. Our expert service providers can give quick service after call to service. All technicians and expertise are more trustful and reliable. You can contact with US +8801911-049451 or visit www.aircon.com.bd

      2. Competitive Price:

Price is the main factor in the third-world country or under developed country. Most of the AC buyers are from mid-categories family. So, reasonable price is influenced to market. For example: Although General AC is a fantastic product, it is also rather expensive. The only variation in price is that if General AC is sold in 50 pieces, Midea AC will sell 200 pieces. Cost is a major consideration in Bangladeshi AC buyer. Midea Cassette AC is a reasonable best cooling product and its accurate BTU 24000 (2 Ton).

     3.Wide Range Product line:

Midea Air conditioning company has lots of product line. www.aircon.com.bd is included vast product display in online. You can choose your desired cooling machine. Personal and industrial products are available in here. Every product is reliable and authentic. We are the Official Dealer and Distributor in Bangladesh.

    4. Excellent Customer Service:

We will always strive to provide outstanding client service to valued clients. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we make sure that every interaction is handled professionally and thoughtfully. We work hard to go above and beyond expectations and create enduring relationships with our committed team members and customer-centric methodology.

      5. Trust and Credibility:

We always think that trying to establish trust and credibility is the cornerstone of our ethos. We maintain transparency, reliability, and integrity in all our activities, and develop durable affairs built on trust.

     6. Exclusive Dealer and Promotion:

We are the Authorized Dealer and Distributor of the Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC in Bangladesh, Our Dealer Code is 1262. You always get will the grate discount from us. Every years we are provide the Discount price.

      7. Transparent Policy:

We maintain transparent rules to ensure clear communication and understanding with our consumers. As a result of this devotion, trust and confidence in our company’s name are increased, which reflects the dedication to being honest and having authenticity.

     8. First and Reliable Shipping

Our shipping and transport product delivery services are reliable and on time, so you can be sure your orders arrive safely and promptly. Our commitment to efficiency and dependability drives us to give customers the best possible shipping experience, free from any complications.

      9. Review and Testimonial:

Customer feedback helps us to improve our quality and service. Sometimes they are gives the some ideas or guidelines that are very important to our company. So, customer review and testimonial provides the valuable insight that enables us to better meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Benefits of the Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC in Bangladesh(BD).

If you are use the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton then you will get these types of benefits. We given at bellow are as follows:

  1. Efficient Cooling: It provides the maximum degree of pleasure by suitably cooling or warming medium- to big areas.
  2. Space-saving Design: It may be installed in suspended ceilings thanks to its compact shape, which significantly reduces the amount of floor space needed.
  3. Even Air Distribution: The 360-degree Air circulation ensures that the chilled air is distributed evenly surrounding the room.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Midea cassette air conditioners are designed to be energy-efficient, which lowers power costs.
  5. Quiet Operation: It operates gently to lessen noise disturbance in the internal environment.
  6. Complex functions: For convenience reasons, some models are equipped with complex functions including temperatures setting, timer functionality, and remote control.
  7. Reliable Performance: Midea is a reputable producer known for producing cooling systems that are durable and trustworthy.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Throughout their long lives, cassette air conditioners typically require little maintenance.
  9. Post-purchase Support: We have a post-purchase support mechanism. We take up the duty through the yearly service method once the service time is over. delivering dependable servicing and premium replacement parts.
  10. Low Cost: Compared to others, our product and service are the most affordable. Our company’s primary goal is to provide authentic products and services.

Finally, these are the at least benefits and here are lots of benefits to use the Midea Cassette as your demand.

The Pros and Cons of Midea 2 Ton Cassette Bangladesh (BD).

Similar to every other cooling scheme, you ought to determine whether a 2 Ton cassette air conditioner is acceptable for your residence, place of business, shop, or other position. You will get here some prose of the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton in Bangladesh with lowest cost.

Prose of

  1. Compact & isolated: The Midea 2 Ton Cassette AC does not use up additional wall area in your home; it integrates beautifully in your ceilings of the space.
  2. Wind is disseminated consistently — The Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton units distribute air similarly in every area & at a stable temp.
  3. Energy is saving – Midea cassette AC 2 Ton effectively & swiftly cools spaces, conserving power once the required temp is obtained. Your electricity costs will differ, but the fact is clear.
  4. Cool your enormous areas – enormous locations such as households & offices utilize the Midea Cassette Air conditioner 2 Ton. Little spaces are a wonderful match for the compact units also. You may buy this with certainty
  5. Constant warmth – A vast range of airflow assures constant temp around the home.
  6. They look wonderful – Midea brand 2 Ton Cassette AC is trendy and goes perfectly with a variety of various styles of house design. They don’t take any wall or floor area; their sole apparent portion is the grill on the top of the ceiling.
  7. They are quiet – A silent air supply of warmed or chilled air is delivered by cassette-type systems AC.
  8. Programmed thermostat — For increased ease and simplicity, so, can use the preset thermometer to manage the temp.
  9. Simple to manage — These air conditioners have a long lifetime and require minimal upkeep. Similar to different Split systems AC, you ought to wipe off the vents with dry paper towels twice every year to maintain or change the air filtration. A yearly servicing also gets suggested.

Cons of

    1. Need for ceiling – Almost all homes can support a cassette-type air conditioner if requires adequate area           on the ceiling of your space.

    2.  Require several units – It would require less than one internal grille to heat or cool the complete home.

    3. The external device is loud – Although if the interior unit is quiet, it’s vital to keep in mind wherever to         position the exterior unit as it might produce sound. When determining where to position it, take in mind the        distance it is to the adjacent homes.

     4. Its more costly — If it comes to purchasing and setup, cassette air coolers are normally more costly than          standard mounted-on-the-wall split systems

Frequently Asked Questions for Midea Cassette Ac 1.5 Ton Price in Bangladesh

Why do we use cassette AC?

Midea brand Cassette AC is several sorts of Air conditioner. It contains two components, inside and outdoor; the interior is squire form and mounted in the ceiling of the roof.  Cassette air conditioners (AC) are appreciated for their inconspicuous installation, making them excellent for places with suspended ceilings. Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton can provide effective cooling and heating solutions for huge spaces including workplaces, retail, hotels, and restaurants. With its 360-degree circulation, cassette AC guarantees equal humidity across the room, giving relaxation to users. You may use Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton in your interior furnished room for beauty.

Is Ceiling or Cassette AC good?

Both ceiling and cassette air conditioners have their advantages, and the choice depends on factors like room layout, aesthetics, and personal preference. Ceiling AC is one way long Air Flow provider, its fittings in ceiling side hanging.

On the other hand, cassette AC is 4-wayes Airflow provide at your large space. It’s installed of ceiling with hanging condition. It has excellent airflow distribution and ideal cooling capacity for larger rooms with suspended ceilings. Cassette AC is typically available with features like 360-degree airflow and built-in condensate pumps, boosting its effectiveness and effectiveness.

Ultimately, both kinds of air conditioners have different facilities and can be used in different places with facilities. They have a super-quality cooling system.

Does Cassette AC consume more electricity?

It’s a 3 phase electric power connection. Input watt 2600 watts.

What is the Dimension or Size of the Midea Cassette AC 2 Ton (indoor Unit) ?

Indoor unit size is Weight x Depth x Height (33 x 9 x 33) inch.

Finally, we can state that the Midea Cassette Air conditioner (AC) is a high-power cooling efficient technology in Bangladesh. You get here special world-class features and technological information, which creates the first brand name in Bangladesh. We are an official “Midea 2 Ton cassette AC price in Bangladesh” supplier throughout the nation. Product quality is great and pricing is quite cheap. We have special after-sales service.


Model MCA-24CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Bangladesh, Spare Parts,China.
  Cooling Capacity Capacity BTU/hr 24000
Input W 2550
Current A 12.70
EER W/W 2.84
Max.input Consumption W 3470
Max.input current A 15.1
Coverage Space 240-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating  ***
Moisture Removal I/h 2.9
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 1400/1200/950
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/5
Power Consumption Cooling W 2900
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 43/41/38
Outdoor dB(A) 58
Dimension(W*D*H) Indoor mm 840×230×840
Outdoor 845×363×702
Net Weight Indoor Kg 30
Outdoor Kg 55
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 9.5/15.9(3/8’’/5/8’’)
Drainage Water pipe Diameter mm ODØ32
Operating Temperature Ċ 17~30
Refrigerant R-410
Compressor      Rotary – Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA).


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