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GREE inverter AC 1.5 Ton price in Bangladesh I GS-18XLMV32

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GREE Electric Appliances-Inc. of Zhuhai is the globe’s biggest Air conditioner venture combined to explore and expand, developed, advertises as well as services. www.aircon.com.bd is the largest Dealer of Gree AC price in Bangladesh. Gree Corporation is annually produced 80 Million residential and 10 Million is commercial Air conditioners for worldwide export near about 100 countries.

Gree Ac is divided into two ways: 

  1. Gree Inverter AC: An Inverter is the latest technology to save energy for saving your money. We have all Models of Gree Inverter Air conditioner. It is costly but has huge facilities.
  2. Gree Non-Inverter Ac: Non-inverter is the universal product. Maximum people are interested to buy this for after-sale service facilities. It is a reasonable product for all categories of people.

We are closely discussing here Gree inverter Ac 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU). It is top selling Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Because of, it has perfect BTU, minimum cost, user facilities with world-class features, high longevities, and premium quality. Gree inverter is available in Bangladesh. For example: GSH-18LMV410, GSH-18PUV (Heating &Cooling), GSH-18NFV, GSH-18NFV. Every product has a great Official Warranty Compressor 10 years and 1-year spare parts with free service.    


Introducing to Gree inverter Ac 1.5 Ton “GSH-18LMV410” is nearly all frequent in Bangladesh. It has built an ideal British Thermal Unit (BTU) 18000. Smart indoor shape other than Non-inverter 1.5 Ton. All the newest technology is accumulated in this invention. It’s a single-phase connection method with Remote Control. The energy efficiency ratio is also another distinguishing unsurpassed aspect. 


Why Choose a Gree inverter (GSH-18LMV) Hi Wall Air Conditioner?

There are many inverter series in our store. This item is different than other due to high energy efficiency hitherto influential, the GSH-18LMV is a high-energy inverter split system that excels at sole zone applications. Despite its cooling power, the quiet operation includes an intelligent sleep function, sleep pattern to maximize comfort and suppress your energy costs, a gold fin condenser, self-protected from external corrosion, inbuilt fan delay functionality, air-flow direction control, and a cutting edge defrost feature. 


All Gree Air Conditioners are fitted with Gree’s G10 Inverter Technology. Inverter air conditioners are more powerful and more energy-efficient than fixed-speed air conditioners. 

Benefits of the G10 Inverter Technology are given at bellow are as follows:  

Greater Power Savings 

The 10G Gree inverter Air conditioner can save energy 40% approximately compared to the fixed speed Air conditioner. 

 Low Noise 

The 10G Gree inverter Ac indult Low-level Noise with advanced technology. Inverter Air conditioner noise different decibels for different frequencies (dB) is much low other than.

 Increased Comfort

During colder months when your home or office is unoccupied, the G10 Inverter ensures the indoor temperature is maintained at a minimum of 8°C. 

I Feel

This clever feature enables the unit to take temperature readings from where we sense the indoor temperature rather than where the indoor unit senses the temperature.

World Class Features 

 Intelligent Defrosting 

• Maximize humid calm with a shorter defrosting moment in time. 

 • Usual defrosting works by operating the defrost sequence based on a pre-set timer series.

 • GREE I-Defrosting is only achieved when desired, which reduces energy waste by eliminating needless defrosting.

 Cold Air Prevention 

To put off cold air blowing into a room when the Air conditioner is primarily turned on or else after defrosting the indoor fan will stay put off waiting the indoor unit coil reaches the preferred room hotness surroundings.

 Mould and Odour Prevention

It helps to remain the coil clean as well as prevents the increase of mold as well as microbes as well as falling bad odors in the air conditioner. Mould and Odour Prevention are the distinguishing features of the Gree Ac price in Bangladesh.

 Gently Smart

The new Hyper range of heat pumps is Gree’s quietest yet. The GSH-18LMV models together attain an astounding low 30dB (A), joined through seven fan speeds and you acquire the ideal airflow by way of super-quiet operation. Gentle Smart operation is mind-blowing corn for Gree Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

 Wide Temperature Operation 

GREE air conditioners, as well as heat pumps, are planned to run proficiently as to +48 deg C


Gree GSH18LMV has a sovereign dehumidification system in-built. It is another good feature for user-friendly, to keep humidity in your room confidently.

 Sleep Mode 

The temperature is always fluctuating. The Gree Air conditioner civilized slumber Mode quietly raises otherwise lowers the hotness routinely to preserve a contented room high temperature along with saving energy. It’s the best function for all categories of users and gives comfort for life.

Turbo Mode 

Turbo mode will run the unit at super elevated fan swiftness to cool before heat space speedily so that the ambient warmth approaches the aged-set hotness as soon as feasible. You will not find another brand name Air conditioner because turbo mode is only Gree’s won the feature.

Intelligent Air Flow

 It is robotically correct airflow depending on the preferred mode. Air Flow can adjust to another direction confidently. So, nice features.

 Anti-Corrosion Outdoor Unit

All Gree’s condensing unit coils have the fin stock covered with an azure hydrophilic outside layer generous superior decay confrontation. Naturally, Gree Air Conditioner is made up of galvanizing steel sheet and pure sun, water protected A Grade steel box.



Country of Origin Gree Corporation,China.
Assembled China.
Model GS-18LMV
Power Supply 1Ph,220-230v,50Hz
Control Remote
Function Only Cooling
Capacity (Btu/h) Btu/hr 18000
Input (Watt) Watt 1877
EER/COP (W/W) w/w 2.81
Air Flow (m3/h) M3/h 850
Noise (dB) IDU 37
ODU 54
Dimension (mm) W/H/D IDU 970/300/246
ODU 913/680/378
NW/GW(Kg) IDU 13/16
ODU 42/45

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