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Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh I MSA-24CRN I

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Original price was: ৳ 70,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 65,000.00.

• Midea Corporation (China).
• British Thermal Unit Tested AC.
• Power Consumption High.
• Super Cooling Capacity.
• Eco-Environment Friendly product.
• Compressor & Condenser by Midea.
• Midea Factory Assembled with Gas.

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Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh

China’s Midea Corporation is a well-known global producer of home appliances and air conditioners under the Midea name. They are the world’s biggest exporter of goods for both industrial and personal usage. The Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh is imported, sold, distributed, and wholesaled by us with certification. In Bangladesh, “Midea Air Conditioner (AC)” is becoming a more valuable brand every day. The user experience and consumer feedback of Midea are excellent.

Product summary:-

The best product in Bangladesh is the Midea 2 Ton split AC, which is in high demand there. This air conditioner is the cheapest and lowest priced one available in Bangladesh. On the other hand, with prolonged usage, it has a great cooling capability. It may be used in either your business or personal space. The optimum btu of a Midea 2 ton air conditioner in Bangladesh is 24000. It won’t take long to fill your 240 square foot apartment. The original compressor was made by Midea Corporation. You may utilize the sleep mode feature to maximize your level of comfort. In Bangladesh, power usage is superior to that of air conditioners. Every single component is maintained by the Chinese company Midea Corporation. Our “Midea AC showroom in Dhaka, Bangladesh” is open for you to visit.

Midea AC is top selling cooling device in Bangladesh and its has expert cooling capacity for some best features and technical specification. For example: accurate BTU (24000) and 100% Copper Condenser. Latest Model Non inverter MSA24CRN & MSG24CRN, stylish indoor unit and strong outdoor unit. Cooling input Watt (2200), Energy Efficiency Ratio is EER = W/W (3.15), Max. input Consumption Watt (2400), indoor Air Flow m3/h (1150/1060/1030), indoor Noise Level is very low, Hi/Mi/Lo = dB(54), indoor weight is17 kg. & outdoor weight is 50 Kg. Midea 2 Ton Air conditioner is white color with ultimate design.

On the other hand, it has suitable features for fast cooling and longevity, For example:  Power Saving mode, Environment friendly Gas,R-410,Turbo Mode Cooling mode, Auto Restart function, Anti bacterial filter type, Washable filter, Double Auto swing, White color indoor, factory Refill Gas, original compressor (Hitachi or GMCC-Toshiba), Anti VOC filter, 3-in-1 Filter, Auto Restart, Super Turbo Mode, Air Direction Control, Environment Friendly service, Auto on Timer, Sleep mode, Dry Mode, Auto fan Speed, Auto Swing, Remote Screen Display Light. Here are numerous world class features for customer comfort.

Easy installation system, official Guarantee service, smart design, Dehumidification function, WiFi Control, Quite operation mode, easy transferable from one place to another, Golden fin of Indoor and Outdoor, High ambient cooling, Wide voltage range 99~270V, i-Clean, Low-noise design and so on. The Midea AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh is able to provide service High Ambient temperature cooling service. Useable space is 240 square feet. We are supplied the best and cost-effective Original Midea Brand Air conditioner (AC) all over the country.  It’s a confidential cooling device.

Product Features:

Filter with High Density

When compared to standard dust filters, the high-density filter’s anti-dust impact may rise by over 50%, and it can remove up to 80% of dust and pollen.

Three-dimensional airflow

The directional air outlet automatically flows in both horizontal and vertical directions, filling the whole space with cool, well-directed airflow that is inclined.

Golden Fin hydrophilic

Rain, salt, and other corrosive substances can’t harm the condenser’s special anticorrosive golden coating.

Extended-Range Windblast

Longer airflow is produced by the enhanced air duct design working in tandem with the turbo fan speed.

Turn Off the Display

Would want to switch off the display and AV. With the silence function on, Midea AC contributes to a peaceful and cozy evening.

Wi-Fi Control (Optional) Integration of smart technologies

(Using a smart device)

4 way Air swing: When you turn on your air conditioner, it may quickly cover four directions of air swing, which is why the Midea 2 ton split AC is built with four air swings. It is a huge benefit for us as users. Your space cools down properly in every area.

1W Standby: It has to do with your power-saving device or power-consuming device. With the ease of your LED display remote control, you may set your air conditioner to the standby mode in order to save energy. It could make you feel less hesitant to utilize it. The best cooler electronics equipment is the Midea 2 Ton Air Conditioner.

Auto Restart Function: It’s a best function for comfortable use. This function consumes your usage power.

Independent Dehumidification:  Dehumidification is a best quality or most demanding skin for environment friendly weather of your room.

Cold Catalyst Filter: These types of filter can keep good weather at your room.

Louver position memory: Its can provide dependable Air flow at your room for high comfort for your space.

Sleep Mode: these types of Mode can save your money because when you sleep with this mode.

Turbo Mode Cooling Capacity:  Midea 2 Ton Air conditioner (AC) is built with turbo cooling mode. It can fast cooling at your room.

High Energy Efficient: With Midea’s 2 Ton AC, you can enjoy outstanding energy efficiency and optimum cooling without sacrificing power use. Savor affordable cooling options that are customized to meet your comfort requirements.

Silent Operation: Experience quiet comfort without the noise, adding a calm atmosphere to your home or workspace.

Temperature Compensation: Experience constant comfort that is customized to your preferences for improved cooling, independent of outside influences.

LED Display: With Midea’s 2 Ton AC, you can effortlessly keep an eye on and manage your cooling settings thanks to its user-friendly LED display.

.Air purification Function: The 2 Ton AC from Midea has built-in air filtration, so you can breathe easier inside. Indulge in cleaner, healthier environments for better comfort and wellness.

Auto Swing Louvers: The 2 Ton AC from Midea has motorized swing louvers, so the airflow may be more evenly distributed. Indulge in uniform cooling for maximum comfort all across the room.

Copper Condenser Coil:  Experience long-lasting durability and effective cooling with Midea’s 2-ton AC, which has a copper condenser coil. Reliable performance is ensures long-lasting comfort.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: With the antimicrobial coating on Midea’s 2 Ton AC, breathe fresher air. Take advantage of better indoor air quality for a more secure and cozy setting.

Timer Function: The 2 Ton AC timer feature on Midea allows you to create custom cooling schedules. Savor customized comfort and energy savings to fit your everyday schedule.

Sleek Design: The elegant 2 Ton AC design from Midea will elevate your area. Savor strong cooling combined with fashionable looks.

Anti bacterial filters: Antibacterial filters in Midea’s 2 Ton AC provide cleaner, healthier air for your comfort.

 Washable filter: Midea’s 2 Ton AC offers washable filters for easier maintenance and cleaner air. You may, experience simple cleaning and healthier air inside.

Anti VOC filter: Midea’s 2 Ton AC incorporates an anti-VOC filter for healthier indoor air and greater comfort.

3-in-1 Filter:  The adaptable 3-in-1 filter of Midea’s 2 Ton AC provides excellent air purification. Take pleasure in increased comfort and cleaner, fresher air.

Air Direction Control: Adapt airflow to your satisfaction with Midea’s 2 Ton AC and its air directional adjustment. Enjoy tailored pleasure for each moment.

Auto Swing: Experience simple cooling with Midea’s 2 Ton AC and its auto-swing function. Discover continuous relaxation in every nook.

Why did you select Midea AC 2 Ton Price in Bangladesh?

You must keep a few things in mind while choosing your ideal air conditioner for cooling.We chose Midea AC 2 Ton because it is a great option for Bangladeshi clients because of its outstanding cooling performance, affordability, and dependability. The energy-efficient operation and sophisticated features of the Midea AC 2 Ton make it a superb value for the money. Its sleek design and easy controls further enrich the complete experience and ensure customer delight. In Bangladesh’s environment, where cooling is crucial, Midea AC 2 Ton is a reliable and well-liked choice for both homes and businesses. For home or business usage, you may choose the “Midea AC 2 Ton price in Bangladesh” that you want. It has an extremely powerful cooling mode, and we provide the best features possible for quick cooling.


Model No.     MSA-24CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Midea Corporation, China.
  Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 24000
KW 7.0
Coverage Space 220-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 2.6
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 1072/956/876
Outdoor M3/h 2700
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/50
Rated Current Cooling A 11.9
Power Consumption Cooling KW 2.69
EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) KW/KW 2.70
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 47/46/43
Outdoor dB(A) 57
Dimension(W*H*D) Indoor mm 1090×235×338
Outdoor 845×320×700
Net Weight Indoor Kg 12
Outdoor Kg 46
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 9.52/16.0(3/8’’/5/8’’)
Max Connection Pipe Length M 20
Max. Height Difference M 10
Permissible Range of Outdoor Temp ®C 18-43
Refrigerant R-22/410
Compressor Rotary – Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA)

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