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Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton price in Bangladesh I MSI-18CRN I

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  • Midea Corporation (China).
  • British thermal unit Tested Product..
  • High Power Saving Unit.
  • Eco-friendly product service.
  • Turbo Mode Cooling.
  • Guarantee: 10 years Compressor & 1 year service with spare parts.
  • Installations: Installation Free in Dhaka (Metropolitan area).
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Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton price in Bangladesh

Midea Air conditioner (AC) is finest quality cooler. Here are lots of selective products. Midea AC is not only a national Brand but also it’s a global Brand. You may choose the Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton price in Bangladesh for your comfort. Inverter is a energy saving or power saving Technology. Many people are finds the energy saving AC for money save.

It’s a top selling cooling system. Most of the people called to the Room Air conditioner (AC),due to it may cover 150-160 square feet  space and they are use in the personal room. Midea inverter AC is best product in Bangladesh for it cooling capacity, durability, elegant features, Low cost, 100% copper condenser, energy efficient, environment friendly service and low noise and after sale service is outstanding. Midea 1.5 Ton inverter AC can save 50% to 60% energy. It’s most important to buyer. Purchaser is always want to save money expense and product cost. Only Midea Company can gives the facilities. That’s why it is best Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

Product Description:

We know that Midea energy saving AC is first cooling system in the Bangladesh. Statically, increasing the Midea inverter or energy saving AC demand at the personal or commercial purpose. This is the Authorized Dealer, Distributor, Supplier and importer of the Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton cost in Bangladesh (BD). Are seeking high confidential cooling system, I can ensure that Midea AC is the best for sturdiness and admirable cooling performance.

We know that Midea inverter AC built with 100% copper and qualified features. Product specification is qualified by ISO certified and BUET test. Elite High Tech industries do not produce low quality AC in Bangladesh for their reputation. You will get precise BTU, like as Midea inverter AC 18000 BTU per hour cooling capacity.  Update or Latest Model is MSI-18CRN with Product longevity and sustainability. In warm surroundings, it operates with good adaptability. Its input Watt = 1660, Energy Efficiency Ratio is EER = W/W (3.00), Max. Input Consumption W (2400), indoor Air Flow m3/h (769/638/515), indoor Noise Level Hi/Mi/Lo = dB(41/37/32), indoor weight is14 kg. & outdoor weight is 48 Kg. Compressor is Rotary with inverter technology (DC Motor).

Midea Corporation is constantly manufactured the ultra Technology or most recent facilities AC or home appliance. Frequently, they are creating the Green Technology or Energy Saving or Energy Efficient Air conditioner. Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton is the result of that. They are providing Eco-Friendly or Environment Friendly Gas R-410, non flammable. It does not effect to atmosphere. Here are many and more features For example: Green Technology, Energy Saving, Turbo Mode Cooling system, Auto Restart task, Anti bacterial filter kind through Washable, Double Auto swing scheme, White color indoor element, unbroken Gas, inventive compressor- Rotary type-(Inverter Compressor).

You can get trouble-free installation guidebook , Official Warranty or Guarantee , silky design, Dehumidification  system, Air Direction manage, Remote control arrangement, WiFi Control, Quite action method, easy transferable, Golden fin of Indoor & Outdoor unit, DC inverter Technology, Prime Guard, Hydrophilic Golden Fin, Wide voltage range 99~270V, i-Clean, Low-noise Techno and so on. We can supply best and cost effective original Brand Inverter AC in Bangladesh.

Product Features:

Wholesome filters

Midea inverter AC frescoes innovation allows you to fill your room with fresh, energizing air with the peaceful scents of nature.

Strengthened Diffuser
Precision breeze management and enhanced airflow effectiveness are accomplished using three techniques. Our airflow controls make everything around you more comfortable.

DC inverter
the compressors with DC inverters can boost the cooling performance while lowering power usage, costing you money. This technology is less expensive and safer than a cooling system with a continuous-duty compressor.

Conserving Energy
It can save up to 60% on electricity with a Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton split type.

First Guard
Midea 1.5 Ton inverter AC’s Prime Guard is less susceptible to deterioration and corrosion than conventional fins, giving condensers a more secure and durable workplace. It can withstand hostile environments and successfully prevent the growth and spread of pathogens.

Hydrophilic Golden Fin

The compressor’s unique anticorrosive golden coating is resistant to damage from rain, salt, and other corrosive materials.

High Density Filter

Compared to ordinary dirt purification, the anti-dust effect of high-density-dense filtration may increase by more than 50%, removing as much as 80% of debris and pollen.

3D Airflow

The air circulation pattern in the room is arranged in the form of a triangle.

 Long-Distance Windblast

The revamped air duct design collaborates seamlessly with the turbo fan’s speed, resulting in sustained and uninterrupted airflow.

Display off Operation

To improve your tranquil sleep experience, simply activate the mute function on the Midea AC 1.5 Ton in Bangladesh, allowing you to peacefully rest without any disturbances from the screen or AV.

 Wi-Fi Control (Optional) tidy Technology addition

(Via smart Device)

Auto Restart Function: Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton will automatically resume when the outside temperature drops to the predetermined level.

Independent Dehumidification:  The dehumidifying function helps to increase the temperature in the space. It might chase off unwanted bugs from the area around you.

Cold Catalyst Filter: It could keep your interior atmosphere healthful or tidy.

Louver position memory: More ease and relaxation of use will be provided with a uniform circulatory dispersal.

Sleep Mode: The temperature intensity fluctuates during the night, yet falling asleep may provide you with the greatest ease.

Turbo Mode Cooling Capacity: Your space’s cooling capacity may be quickly increased with turbo conditioning abilities. Because this sort of technology was used in its construction, we like the Midea inverter AC 1.5 Ton price in Bangladesh.

High Energy Efficient: Modern technology is used by EER to provide maximum efficient cooling with the least amount of energy used. It also uses green methods to reduce electricity costs.

Silent Operation: It lowers noise levels while in use to provide a calm and cozy interior atmosphere.

Temperature Compensation: The Midea inverter cooling system has been engineered to automatically adjust to changes in outside humidity, guaranteeing a comfortable and joyful atmosphere all day long.

LED Display:  The easy-to-use nature of these amenities may be enhanced by light-up displays. It’s known as your air conditioners controller.

Air purification Function: The advanced “Air Purification Function” of the 1.5 ton Midea inverter air conditioner effectively eliminates allergens, debris, and other types of impurities from your open-air space (room).

Auto Swing Louvers:

This gadget automatically oscillates to preserve constant levels by dispersing cold air uniformly throughout the space.

Copper Condenser Coil: The Midea 1.5 Ton inverter split AC is composed entirely of copper, including the condenser. It may significantly increase longevity and prevent AC leaks.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: The “Anti-Bacterial Coating” applied to these areas prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and other potential hazards on Midea inverter AC units, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Timer Function: Each client needs to be able to function with maximum ease and relaxation.

Sleek Design: Its contemporary style and straight lines elegantly match a wide variety of furniture.

Anti bacterial filters: Its objective is to improve the quality of indoor air, get rid of dangerous particles, and create a more nutritious atmosphere. It can maintain your well-being.

Washable filter: extremely wonderful idea if you use a cooling device since the filter has to be cleaned every few days.

Anti VOC filter: It contributes to the reduction of indoor aerosol volatility organic pollutants (VOCs), raising living standards.

3-in-1 Filter:  It protects against harmful realities and has to be upgraded to collect dust, allergens, and additional contaminants from the air in the room.

Air Direction Control: Equivalent air may be produced in any area of the space with the right air velocity.

Auto Swing: Through controlled oscillating and the louvers disperse air uniformly, providing constant cooling throughout the space.


Model MSI-18CRN
Country of Origin Shunde,Guangdong (China).
Assembled by Join-venture BD & China.
  Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 18000
KW 5.2
Compressor Type Inverter
Coverage Space 150-Square Feet (Normal).
Star Rating ***
Moisture Removal I/h 1.2
Room Air Circulation Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) M3/h 580/440/350
Outdoor M3/h 2100
Input Power v//Hz 220-240/1/50
Rated Current Cooling A 7.2
Power Consumption Cooling KW 1.648
EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) KW/KW 3.20
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/M/Lo) dB(A) 42/22
Outdoor dB(A) 59
Dimension(W*H*D) Indoor mm 980×225×325
Outdoor 845×320×700
Net Weight Indoor Kg 11
Outdoor Kg 36
Connection Pipe Size(Small/Large) mm(inch) 12.70/12.70(1/2’’/1/2’’)
Max Connection Pipe Length M 10
Max. Height Difference M 5
Permissible Range of Outdoor Temp ®C 18-43
Refrigerant or Gas R-410
Compressor Rotary –Brand GMCC (TOSHIBA).


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