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Cassette type Air conditioner in Bangladesh is a different dimensional kind of cooling machine. Every Air conditioner unit has some different design. Commercially, it is use in maximum places. So, you can select your capacity and brand.
Cassette Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh
Cassette type Air conditioner in Bangladesh is work the same way as well as set in wall split system units, with the dissimilarity life form that cassettes are installed into the roof ceiling as a substitute of on the High Wall. The indoor unit is provided air cooling by two or four way. We can say, it is round flow system.
Brand name of Cassette Air conditioner:
It is a most popular Air conditioning system. We are selling many international brand of Cassette Air conditioner in Bangladesh. For example: General Cassette Air Conditioner in Bangladesh, Carrier Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Panasonic Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Midea Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Chigo Cassette Air conditioner (AC), Daikin Cassette Air conditioner (AC) and  Mitsubishi Cassette Air conditioner (AC).
Different Capacity of Cassette Air conditioner:
Capacity is a vital logical fact of Air conditioner. Without Capacity, you do not measure; somewhat you need for your space. Cassette type Air conditioner is started from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton. You will see, in here various category of Cassette Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Every product is different shape.
Use of Cassette Air conditioner:
Essentially, cassette type Air conditioner (AC) is an industrial product for high cooling. It is installed in roof ceiling. All air conditioning system has same cooling capacity. For example: We are using normally 120 square feet (with 9 feet height) equal to 1 Ton. You do not use in any gathering places by this capacity. Single phase Air conditioner from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton and from 3 Ton to 5 Ton is three phase.